Tax, three personal income tax rates from 2024. Meloni: epochal reform -

Tax, three personal income tax rates from 2024. Meloni: epochal reform -

Of Andrea Ducci

The government launches its plan: the final goal is the flat tax. And there is the s with the differentiated autonomy

The government is playing the cards of tax reform and differentiated autonomy of the Regions less than five months after taking office. With the go-ahead from the Council of Ministers both to the enabling bill, which redefines the Italian tax system, and to the bill implementing differentiated autonomy, Giorgia Meloni's executive sets a couple of stakes which, in the intentions of the forces of majority should connote the legislature. The tax reform, made up of 20 articles, is radical, Prime Minister Meloni herself does not hesitate to define it as a real turning point for Italy. an epochal, structural and organic reform: a revolution awaited for 50 years with important innovations in favor of citizens, families and businesses. We outline a new idea of ​​Italy, close to the needs of taxpayers and attractive to companies.

The main objective of the government to transform the current tax regime and to introduce the flat tax for everyone
(self-employed, employees and pensioners) within the term of the legislature. A transitional phase will be necessary before arriving at a single tax rate on the taxable income of natural persons. Starting next year, therefore, the government proposes to reduce the Irpef rates from 4 to 3, at the same time the extension of the incremental flat tax to employees should take place, thus following the mechanism of the Budget law which provides for a single incremental rate to the 15% for extra income declared by self-employed workers. Once the reform is fully implemented, the flat tax will scatter for everyone. At the moment it is not known how much the single rate will amount to: one of the many issues to be defined through the implementing decrees that the government will have to issue (within 24 months).

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economy claims the rewriting of the current one tax system launched in the 1970s. The new rules - a note specifies - go in the direction of simplifying and reducing the tax burden, encouraging investments and hiring and establishing a relationship between taxpayers and the financial administration in the logic of a targeted dialogue between the parties according to the needs of citizens and businesses. The definition of a less aggressive tax system in the eyes of taxpayers is one of the focuses on which the Deputy Minister of the Economy, Maurizio Leo, has worked the most, so much so that from via XX Settembre they point out: With the establishment of the two-year composition with creditors and the strengthening of collaborative fulfillment the rules of the fight against tax evasion are rewritten, which becomes preventive and no longer repressive.

The delegation also provides for the review of the many deductions, deductions and rebates (beyond 600 items) that characterize the current tax system. For companies, the aim is to reduce the current Ires rate for those who make investments or hire. The package of interventions includes the gradual elimination of Irap. With a view to a more dialogue taxman, the delegation introduces a stop to the sending of communications from the Revenue Agency in the months of August and December and simplified access to forms of installments in 120 installments. In the text approved at Palazzo Chigi
on the other hand, the two articles relating to local taxes and regional taxes functional to the full implementation of fiscal federalism are not included, they have been deleted because they will have to be discussed first in the State-Regions Conference.

In yesterday's Council of Ministers, the bill also obtained the go-ahead implementation of differentiated autonomy, advocated by the League. Not surprisingly, the Minister of Infrastructure and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini intervened: Not only the Strait Bridge and tax reform, the Council of Ministers has given the definitive ok to differentiated autonomy. It will bring efficiency, advantages and modernity to all of Italy. Another promise kept.

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