Superbonus, the discount on the invoice reopens for fixtures and boilers, hypothesis of extension to June for villette -

Superbonus, the discount on the invoice reopens for fixtures and boilers, hypothesis of extension to June for villette -

The season of 110% bonuses for everyone and of discounts or transfers for a very large number of interventions will never come back. The Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti puts a tombstone on the Superbonus 110% and for a very simple reason: there is no money. The numbers, in fact, are unsustainable for the state coffers. Now, however, the problem remains of how to help families and businesses that were caught in the trap of 16 February last, when the decree law sanctioned the total block of credit transfers and invoice discounts starting from the day after. Giorgetti, during a conference organized by chartered accountants, did not in fact close to the idea of ​​corrective measures to the legislative decree, even if he expressed strong reservations about the fact that the Government gives banks the possibility to use the customers' F24 to be able to absorb the 19 billions of problem loans and thus restart the building sites.

The pressing of Fi, the threats of the M5S

The pressing within the majority is done above all by Fi, while on the opposition front the M5S is ready to take to the streets: We do not betray like the Meloni government. Let's not leave entrepreneurs, workers, professionals and families alone on Superbonus and the transfer of building credits. There are solutions, just apply them. On March 21 at 10 the M5S will be at their side in Rome, in Piazza della Repubblica, reads the Twitter account of the pentastellati. The direct compensation in F24 of a percentage of the receivables, requested by many parties, including Ance and Abi, raises problems of a financial nature, due to its impact on cash flows, especially for the payment of salaries and pensions by the State. Furthermore, underlines Giorgetti, for the calculations of the Revenue many banks and insurance companies are far from risking not having space to offset the credits with their own F24s. In short, the legislation is now an effective filter for fraud and therefore the compensations should not hold any surprises.

The extension for the villas

For the villas, on the other hand, there is an extension of at least 3 months to make the transfers and thus have the right to the 110% Superbonus reserved, in fact, for single-family homes. The Government would therefore have given the green light to postpone the mandatory deadline, within which to give communication for the building bonus option and therefore conclude the works, to 30 June 2023. The change to the conversion of the decree which established the stop to the sales of bonus credits wanted by all parliamentary groups. The motion should implement the indications of the executive, giving a favorable opinion to the solution identified in recent days by the rapporteur of the decree, Andrea de Bertoldi (Fdi), which allows the credit to be registered on the Revenue Agency platform from the moment it is taken over by the bank.

The standard saves fixtures

There is also a regulation that saves windows and doors and boilers, which will allow free construction work (installation of windows, boilers and heat pumps) to still be done with a discount on the invoice if the buyer and installer produce a self-certification that the contract between the parts was entered into before February 16th. Another hypothesis under study would concern the extension of the timing for exploiting the Superbonus as a deduction in the tax return. If the "repayment" period were extended to 10 years, instead of the current 4, partially incompetent taxpayers would have more years available over which to spread the relief, recovering it thanks to a lower annual tax capacity ceiling.

Hypothesis 10 years for the Superbonus refund

Another change reopens the right to the discount on the invoice for the Sismabonus, but limited to the area of ​​the 140 Municipalities affected and damaged by the earthquake in Central Italy. Same thing goes for Iacp and Onlus. Finally, the Government could choose the path of the "communication law" and thus bypass the delays necessary to give life to the decree law regarding the communications of the transfers of credits of the discounts on invoices made in 2022. The goal would be to bring of 31 March also those transfers and those discounts that started the process but have not yet materialised.

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