Superbonus, Meloni’s lunge: “He has created an opaque market for tax credits, but we will correct the imbalances”. We are moving towards the release of credits with the F24s

Superbonus, Meloni's lunge: "He has created an opaque market for tax credits, but we will correct the imbalances".  We are moving towards the release of credits with the F24s


Resolution of the issue of the Superbonus 110, destined to wane definitively (in the two-year period 2021-2022 the measure produced tax credits “to the extent of 60 billion euros a year which will be reflected in 120 billion euros of lower collections for the been spread until 2026. These are unsustainable numbers for the state budget» said the Minister of Economy Giorgetti) and in particular of stranded tax credits: it was one of the topics under discussion at question time in the Chamber. “The rule that arose from a shared assumption has produced consequences on which the government has been working for months” underlined Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, explaining that “the rule has allowed the proliferation of an opaque market for the circulation of tax credits to the benefit of businesses but of the various financial intermediaries who intervened to collect these credits”. So what to do? “It is necessary to intervene on the reabsorption of tax credits but being careful that there may be an opportunity for profit for position annuities” Meloni underlined. Which you then added: “We are ready to correct the imbalances”.

Meloni in the Chamber: “Sunday’s shipwreck in the Sar Libya area. Our conscience is clear. We will not access the Mes”

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The solutions to be adopted on tax credits: the motion of the majority
Meanwhile, the majority is working on a joint motion on the superbonus which will be discussed tomorrow in the Chamber. The agreement between the forces that support the Meloni government is being finalized: the document is being refined, it is reported. Parliamentary sources tell us that initially the introduction to the text underlined the turning point that the provision introduced by the Five Stars has given to the Italian economy. Lega and Fdi intervened to soften the position. In the meantime, the confrontation with the government continues. Today there were new meetings at the Mef.
The motion should implement the indications of the executive which should give a favorable opinion to the solution identified in recent days by the rapporteur of the decree, de Bertoldi (Fdi), which allows the credit to be registered on the Revenue Agency platform from the moment it is taken over by the bank. We are also moving towards unlocking the most important issue, i.e. the possibility for banks to be able to use the F24 of customers to be able to “absorb” the 19 billion in problem loans and restart construction sites. The majority – with FI at the forefront – is pressing the government which would have opened with “stakes”. While the 5-star Movement is ready to take to the streets: «We don’t betray like the Meloni government. Let’s not leave entrepreneurs, workers, professionals and families alone on Superbonus and the transfer of building credits. There are solutions, just apply them. On March 21 at 10 the M5S will be by their side in Rome, in Piazza della Repubblica », reads the Twitter account of the pentastellati.
The Chamber Finance Commission has completed the cycle of hearings on the decree on tax credits linked to building bonuses, the provision – there will be an amendment signed by all the majority parties – is expected in the Chamber on 27 March. “The possibility of the industrial world to absorb part of the credits at this moment in the tax drawers of the subjects currently transferees, would guarantee the possibility of a recirculation of financial resources” underlined today the director of the Revenue Agency Ruffini in reply to the senators in the Finance Committee on the proposal made by the president of Confindustria, Bonomi, on the subject of tax credits for the Superbonus and building bonuses. In the period from 2021 to the first two months of 2023, the tax credits linked to building bonuses amount to a total of 135 billion euros, of which 75 billion ascertained by Enea for the Superbonus and at least 60 billion from other incentives (Ecobonus, Sisma, Facades, Renovations), reported the Court of Auditors, in the hearing in the Senate Finance Commission.


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