Strategies and cross vetoes, between Pd and De Luca is a Mexican-style stalemate -

Strategies and cross vetoes, between Pd and De Luca is a Mexican-style stalemate -

Of Simon Brandolini

To pay the costs of the clash between the Democratic Party and the governor for now, his son Piero. The no to his reconfirmation as group vice president in the Chamber is taking on the contours of no more than a dispute between buildings

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The notorious and strange Dalemian joke (actually borrowed from the former Prime Minister to a nobleman from Lecce) at the head of the table where I sit, suits Vincent DeLuca like few. Even in a time of extreme turbulence and open warfare against the cacique of Campania on the part of Elly Schlein and of the new Pd, the governor has the idea of ​​still being able to give the cards. His iron ally, at this moment, is time. He has almost three years of government ahead of him. The third mandate, with relative reform of the regional statute, is only a postponed discussion: Why are Campanian issues decided in Campania, not in Rome or the UN, he goes on repeating. Of course, his son Piero is paying the costs of the clash for now. The no to his reconfirmation as vice president of the group in the Chamber is taking on the contours of no more than a dispute between buildings, NazarenovsSt. Lucia.

become a real diplomatic case within the party. Currently the story can be described with the effective metaphor of the Mexican stalemate. A classic in current politics of the left. With the reformist and Bonaccinian area stuck on that box and on that name, while the majority would have put a real veto. A veto on the son to hit the father is unacceptable, they will force us to go to the count and vote against their proposal, they threaten. Having opened her mandate as secretary with a declaration of war on the lords of the cards in the name of the renewal of the ruling class, she has transformed the De Lucas into symbols of a battle. But, the minority reasons, the dem deputy with the cumbersome surname would be the only deputy not reconfirmed and above all the only southern exponent to be beheaded. That's why it takes time. Last week, due to the tragic emergency in Emilia Romagna and in the Marches, the agenda of the meeting of the groups in which the presidency offices were to be elected was changed. But stalling also means that we continue to work, for example on an alternative proposal for Piero De Luca: the treasurer? This too is fabled. In the last few hours, however, there is talk of the role of classroom secretary. The new meeting will be scheduled today, perhaps Wednesday or Thursday. And on June 11 the secretary Schlein I will be back in Campania: for the meeting to dissolve Article 1 and to meet the workers again, after Fincantieri, those of Whirlpool. No meetings with Vincenzo De Luca are foreseen. Who in the meantime is ready to lead the opposition within the party. While waiting to understand what happens and with a record: with the exception of Naples, Stefano Bonaccini won in all other provinces.

This means that when the commissioner of the Campania Democratic Party, Antonio Misiani, closes the Caserta membership scandal, the Deluchians will ask to open the congressional phase, sure of winning the competition and taking back the party. The strategy of the silent De Luca this, for now. Ready to draw the sword at the first snag. Continuing to threaten the dem to make them lose in the next regional ones, taking the field alone. The suggestion of an alliance with Matteo Renzi for a Deluchian third pole is not confirmed, except in the fact that Italy already lives in the majority in the Region and has a department. So it wouldn't even be new. The unusual thing for De Luca who, having lost national references, is strategically separating his fate from that of his son. So he continues to throw broadsides at the government on differentiated autonomy, FSC funds, sending arrows to the ministers (a few days ago it was Raffaele Fitto's turn, a seminarian, an unfrocked priest), but after the publication on poor art and the color Schlein, he's avoiding direct attacks. Yet everyone knows that this quiet will last very little.

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