Stop the word "race" in public administration. The government agrees on the PD amendment -

Stop the word "race" in public administration.  The government agrees on the PD amendment -

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The Meloni executive oriented towards accepting an amendment to the decree on the PA, presented by the dem Arturo Scotto, to replace "race" with "nationality"

Stop using the word "race" in public administration documents and deeds. The government intends to accept the opinion of the Constitutional Affairs commission of the Chamber, which is working on the decree on public administration, where, with an amendment by the dem Arturo Scotto, it is envisaged that the word "race" will be replaced by the word "nationality".

The fact that Palazzo Chigi plans not to oppose it (it had previously rejected an agenda along the lines of the amendment) a course change appears. This is also because, in recent weeks, Minister Francesco Lollobrigida, FdI, had expressed himself in such a way as to raise criticism. «We cannot give up on the idea of ​​ethnic replacement, Italians have fewer children, so we replace them with someone else. That's not the way." He said. And then: «I think it is clear to everyone that there is no Italian race. It is a false problem to imagine a concept of this nature. However, there is a culture, an Italian ethnicity, what Treccani defines as a linguistic-cultural grouping, which I imagine that in this conference there is a tendency to protect. Because otherwise it wouldn't make sense."

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May 26, 2023 (change May 26, 2023 | 18:22)

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