«Staying in Naples is a privilege, not an obligation»- Corriere.it

«Staying in Naples is a privilege, not an obligation»- Corriere.it

The president of Napoli at the Gigi D'Alessio concert. To the square that shouted Spalletti's name, he replied: "No obligation but a privilege"

Aurelio De Laurentiis at the concert of Gigi D'Alessio in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples. he stole the show on stage and promised the thousands of fans present: «You have to have faith, Napoli will win again». The Neapolitan president thus tried to reassure the fans, probably frightened by Spalletti's farewell. And so when the square shouted Luciano's name several times, he took the microphone back and shouted, articulating the words well: "Loving Naples is a privilege, not an obligation".

Then he corrected himself, changing the verb “to love” to “stare”. Subsequently he added: "Now we have opened a cycle with you, you must find that patience again because we have opened a cycle, in the next few years we must all win together again". Obviously that De Laurentiis threw a dig at his coach, to the point that the actor Alessandro Siani, present next to him on stage, managed to take him away backstage. Spalletti who has already informed him that he won't stay for another year (as per contract) has chosen in his own way to demonstrate his attachment to the city and to the sporting enterprise in which he was the protagonist by tattooing the Scudetto on his arm. 'there were also Kvara, Raspadori and Simeone. The president gave away a number 10 shirt to Gigi D'Alessio but above all he announced that from next year the anthem of Napoli will be the very popular song of the Neapolitan singer-songwriter Nino D'Angelo «The boys of Curva B».

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