Stalker persecutes Mount, Gilmour and Chilwell for months: on trial -

Stalker persecutes Mount, Gilmour and Chilwell for months: on trial -

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The sentence on the behavior of Orla Melissa Sloan expected on June 20. The judges: "The aggravating circumstance of having repeatedly persecuted three different people weighs heavily"

The stalking trial involving a 22-year-old English influencer and model could end with a prison sentence. Orla Melissa Sloan, who has confessed to stalking three Premier League footballers. Victims of his behavior Mason Mount (24 years), Ben Chilwell (26) and Scotsman Billy Gilmour (21), the first two under Chelsea, the third former Blues and current Brighton midfielder.

The hookup

The girl, despite being officially resident in Exeter, in Devon, actually lives in the center of London and had met the footballers in the spring of last year, on the occasion of a party right at the home of Chilwell. The girl had been invited with a message on her social profiles, and then stayed to sleep with Mount at the end of the party. The two dated for a while, until the attacking midfielder asked her to end their brief relationship. From June to October 2022, according to what the lawyers told during the hearing, the influencer, who has almost 82 thousand followers on Instagram, began to have a very aggressive attitude, writing repeated messages not only to Mount, but also to Gilmour and Chilwell, threatening them to report directly to their training ground if they did not deign to answer her. Sentencing is expected on June 20 but, a British judge said Neeta Minhas to the English newspapers, "it is very unlikely that the girl can be exonerated and not end up in prison, since she herself has admitted to having repeatedly persecuted the three players for a very long period, and having shown herself to be unscrupulous".

Twenty one sim cards

"You are someone who has only been in my life for a very short period of time," he said Mason Mount in his testimony before Westminster court. Yet the girl, known on TikTok and other platforms also for sharing adult-only content, does not seem to have experienced dating her with the same lightness. Sloan, who said she was an ambassador for "Fashion Nova", a fashion brand originally from Los Angeles that allowed her to earn the equivalent of 58,000 euros in a short time and to travel around the world (among her favorite destinations Bali , Mykonos and Southeast Asia), repeatedly sent disturbing messages to Mount and his colleagues, even under the pseudonym of "Devil Baby". In order to be able to contact Mount, who gradually blocked her on every platform, from normal text messages to Whatsapp to social networks, the girl changed 21 phone numbers, swearing to the Chelsea player that she would continue to buy other sims regardless of how much she would have spent, even willing to give up buying food in order to be able to taste it again. In recent months Mount was terrified that she might appear in front of him during training with Chelsea, while Brighton had even set up special security measures for Gilmour. However, the latter stated that before the start of the trial he could not even sleep anymore and that he was negatively affected by the stalking, also from the point of view of his performances on the pitch.

Collages of ex-girlfriends tagging friends and relatives

After all, the threats were quite explicit. "I know everything about Bethany, I know everything about Esme, I will find out anything because nothing escapes me," Sloan wrote to Mount for example, sending him collages of photos of other girls the footballer had dated, on his Instagram chat and on Whatsapp by signing «Only God 10». The girl had also been able to tag friends and relatives of the attacking midfielder in her messages, as well as declaring that she was (falsely) pregnant with him, persecuting him with always new photos. Same type of threats also against Gilmour and Chilwell. "He knows where I live and where I train, I'm terrified he might show up in front of me wherever I go," Mount said in court. Although the footballer no longer answered her and blocked her, she resumed the conversation with a new number, writing him messages such as: "I want to know about you, I'm sorry but I can't be without it, talk to me, I appreciate it so much, because I can't continue in these conditions". But also: "You have to accept my apology and say you're sorry or else my 'Devil Baby' personality will come out and things won't go well." However, the trial that sees her accused, in view of an exemplary sentence, may soon not make things go well for her either.

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