Soldini's journey lands online and becomes a documentary film. To save the oceans

Soldini's journey lands online and becomes a documentary film.  To save the oceans

The multimedia publishing platform is online, created by QMI and Greenland, a sort of virtual logbook divided into different sections, which will tell the story of Giovanni Soldini's 44,000-mile journey around the world: a great adventure shared on the web stage by stage, told through a documentary film.

The platform aims to become a point of reference on issues relating to the sustainability of the seas and will gradually be enriched with exclusive content, video materials, research, information, meetings and testimonials from experts from all over the world and ordinary people committed to safeguarding the Planet.

From the ancient ports of the Mediterranean to the beaches of the Atlantic, from the Caribbean islands to the Pacific, the Chinese Sea and the bays of India, sailing on the ancient trade routes: Soldini's journey is proposed as a scientific route and an ecological enterprise before being sporty.

In fact, the navigator adheres to the UNESCO program of the Decade of Marine Sciences for Sustainable Development and, aboard his Maserati Multi70 trimaran, goes to discover the sea, with the aim of knowing the real state of health of this immense, but not unlimited resource, through the voice of scientists and those who live, study and work in contact with the phenomena that concern them.

Soldini's adventure will then find its visual and emotional expression in the docufilm directed by Sydney Sibilia and produced by QMI, Greenland (with Leonardo Godano executive producer), together with Medusa Film and exclusively on Prime Video from 2024.

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