Soldi: “I'm sorry for Fazio but everyone is free to choose. Rai appointments respect gender equality”

Soldi: “I'm sorry for Fazio but everyone is free to choose.  Rai appointments respect gender equality”

TURIN. «The next steps are very delicate, Rai is an extraordinary company with stupendous potential. I hope that in the next appointments the gender equality policies are applied both in the company and on the screen». The president of Viale Mazzini, Marinella Soldi, participates in a meeting at the Rai space of the Book Fair entitled "When women matter" and is keen to clarify how important gender equality is in nominations, one of the most complex issues to manage for the government, which has currently proposed few (if any) female names.

On Thursday's board of directors Soldi added: «it's a management issue that concerns the managing director. I always hope that the policies we have in Rai, and we have many and they are excellent, can then become reality. This is my request and my wish. It is clear that it takes time, it is a process, but in any case the importance of young people, inclusion and gender are issues for public service. We have to implement them."

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The president then talks about the farewell of Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto, also in the light of the excellent ratings. «It is a great regret that Fazio is leaving Rai, for a whole series of reasons, for what is his success, his connection with the public, the international gaze, the great guests, the great themes. But everyone is free to make their own choices and their own evolutionary paths », she comments.

And on the regional offices he reassures: «Turin remains absolutely central for Rai, as well as all the regional offices, indeed the hope, and this is precisely what is requested in the mini-guides of the next service contract, is that there will be greater investments» .

After the meeting, the director of the Salone, Nicola Lagioia, also visited the Rai space, who spent a few minutes greeting the president of viale Mazzini. «Congratulations on this Salone, the result of a lot of work, which is not always easy and I understand this», concluded Soldi addressing the director.

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