So Giorgia Meloni and Elly Schlein talk to each other. The "common" battle on the European

So Giorgia Meloni and Elly Schlein talk to each other.  The "common" battle on the European

Of Francesco Verderami

The exchanges of messages between the two rivals aiming to polarize the political debate

Meloni and Schlein are a de facto (political) couple. I am allies but without the desire of the mess. From their agreement, the premier and the secretary of the Democratic Party aim to obtain mutual benefit. Indeed they talk. The direct and unfiltered channel, as befits distrustful women by nature. And since they work at a common design (maybe) they didn't even need to tell each other, that's clear.

Giorgia and Elly stay polarizing the debate as opponents to leave no room for their respective allies. They cannibalize the scene to retain the electorates already lined up, drain consensus from neighboring parties and recover votes from the abstention pool. To use a now obsolete concept, they legitimize each other to asphyxiate the other forces, to open a cycleeach in its own field. And the polls indicate that the operation is having an effect.

The goal I am the European next yearwhere Meloni plans to change the majority balance in Brussels with a agreement between Conservatives and Popularand where Schlein aspires to a result that makes del Pd the first force of the Socialist group in Strasbourg. Of those messages that have followed one another since Giorgia complimented Elly for the conquest of the Nazarene, nothing would have been known if the democratic leader had not involuntarily made it clear to a party mate during a meeting. Since then all a pissi-pissthe

also in Palazzo Chigito the point that some ministers - having learned of the thing - were not surprised: After all, how much Meloni had already tried together with Enrico Letta, only that the conditions were not met in the other field at the time.

Schlein got busy picking up the baton. And well in advance. At the closing rally of the Pd electoral campaign, he mimicked the prime minister and his famous I'm a woman, I'm a mother, I'm a Christian: I'm a woman, I love another woman, I'm not a mother but I'm no less woman. L is a candidate in the primaries, the initial stage of a competition-collaboration that the other day landed in Parliament with the question time, during which Georgia and Elly they have revived the old in the media bipolar scheme. the fatal attraction - as Gaetano Quagliariello writes on Southern Gazette - created between two differently charismatic young leaders and that in that dispute they gave voice and face to the change of a classic paradigm: the role of pivot partieswhich was once entrusted to the more centrist forces, is now in the hands of the forces rightmost and leftmost.

In fact, Schlein has bet on the minimum wage, snatching from the Cinquestelle Movement the flag that the grillini had stolen from the Democratic Party. Giuseppe Conte's daily toil makes visible a concern that matured about a month ago, during the democratic primaries. They say that the former prime minister called Francesco Boccia, his minister in the Giallorossi government and supporter of Schlein: So, how are you doing?. Very well, you will see that we will win. I'd be really happy if that happens. But what happiness, Giuseppe....

Giorgia and Elly are opposites of each other, even if they have one thing in common: under pressure they stick to smoking. Certainly on Schlein's desk you won't find symbols that recall his religious origins. While Meloni has been carrying one with him for years Karol Wojtyla's photosince - for a personal matter - she was struck by what for a layman a coincidence and for a believer a sign.

It's not true that no one saw them coming. In the centre-right Matthew Salvini he had noticed Giorgia, but moved late. In the Pd Dario Franceschini he had noticed Elly and moved in advance, supporting her candidacy for secretary. I now discover that everyone in the party wanted Schlein, joked the former minister of culture, during an interview with a fellow dem. Now let's see what happens, he heard the answer: Sure, at least until the Europeans it lasts.

In the face of the gaffe, more or less involuntary, Franceschini predicted a good result in 2024: You will see, it will be a positive path, we will do well in the elections. And then we'll be wrong.... Unsettling, the Zarathustra of the Democratic Party seemed to want to exorcise the eventuality and at the same time warn the party against the mistake of thinking that - after a good result - everything would already be done and the road to Palazzo Chigi it would be downhill: Instead it will be long until 2027, because Melons will last. You need to equip yourself. Giorgia and Elly are doing it: they are preparing the challenge (together).

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