Smart Tales, an Italian app among Apple's choices for the Foundations Program

Smart Tales, an Italian app among Apple's choices for the Foundations Program

The App Store Foundations Program is an Apple initiative that aims to support and promote apps developed by young talent. It provides selected developers and developers with additional support in building even better applications. In five years, the program has selected 1100 European developers; Daniel Matray, director of the App Store, explains it this way: "Europe is home to some of the most exciting developers in the world, making innovative apps that are loved by millions."

Recent research by independent analysts Analysis Group found that Europe accounted for 25% of all new developers entering the App Store in 2022. Small European developers on the App Store saw a 64% increase in revenue , in the last year, with significant growth in France (122%) and Germany (37%). In total, the App Store-related economy has created over 2.3 million jobs across Europe, according to Apple.

The initiative

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It must be said that the App Store is an important source of income for Cupertino: the company paid no less than 60 billion dollars to its developers in 2022 (a total of 320 billion dollars since the birth of the App Store), and collected a commission that varies between 15% and 30% on each transaction made by its developers. And yet Apple's services division, which in addition to the App Store includes Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade, is still growing but less than before: in the first quarter of 2023, revenues increased by 5% compared to the previous year, reaching 20.9 billion dollars, compared to a growth of 17.2% in the same period between 2021 and 2022.

Thus, on the eve of the annual appointment dedicated to developers for the various software and hardware platforms, Apple explains how it will highlight those it considers the most deserving apps: with the 'App Store Foundations Program it will provide editorial support to the developers involved on the App Store, highlighting their story and the strengths of their app to users across Europe. In addition, the apps will be included in the App Store's applications tab, so they will be more visible to the hundreds of millions of visitors the App Store has every day; there will also be pushes at the level of social media and email marketing.


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Smart Tales, the digital education of children

And in this year's App Store Foundations Program Italy is among the five selected. Smart Tales, aimed at children aged 3 to 6, offers a wide variety of educational activities, with over 1000 STEM-focused games and animated stories designed to stimulate the love of reading in the little ones.

Smart Tales has stood out for its excellence in the digital education sector, helping children develop fundamental skills such as memory, attention, logic and critical thinking. The app also includes special features designed for dyslexic, colorblind and autistic children; for this she has received several awards and has been selected for a partnership with Unicef. "Smart Tales" is the flagship application of the Bari-based Marshmallow Studio, a company co-founded by Cristina Angelillo, Marianna Pappalardi, Francesco Capozzi and Massimo Michetti, in Bari. The studio is already working on a new version of the app, Smart Tales Primaria, which will include math and STEM games for children up to 12 years old.

The CEO and founder Cristina Angelillo will also be part of the group of developers who will participate in the "Apps for the Future" series, which will be held at Apple Via del Corso in Rome from 26 to 28 May.

The other Foundations Program apps

Napper. Coming from Sweden, it's a sleep tracking app that uses artificial intelligence to help parents understand their baby's sleep pattern. It also helps parents with educational content and soothing sounds for a well-deserved rest.

one sec. The German app uses iOS shortcuts to trigger a message asking the user to breathe and reflect on their digital habits when opening a social media app. It helps people stay more focused or take rewarding breaks or actions throughout the day.

Daylio, Slovakia. A digital diary where you can summarize your day in less than a minute, simply with an emoji that reflects your mood or describe your activities. The app will then provide insights into what makes us feel better, or worse.

Gout Yoga. From France, an app to make yoga accessible to everyone, in different languages ​​and for all levels, with a function that allows it to recognize the position of the body and also to guide the user so that he adopts the correct posture.

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