Simone Inzaghi (Inter) why is he only liked when he wins? -

Simone Inzaghi (Inter) why is he only liked when he wins? -

Of Paul Tomaselli

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi, seven finals and the last act of the Champions League against City, has no labels. It leaves the fans perplexed who would never want to see Correa and Gagliardini on the pitch

A few years ago, when Max Allegri defeated Luis Enrique's Barcelona 3-0 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and then passed unscathed at the Camp Nou with a defensive masterpiece (0-0), which would have led Juve to the second final in three editions, the was asked if it would be the current of Allegrismo was never born: the technician dribbled the question, because he was not very interested in a perhaps silly even if symbolic question, but also because he knew that the answer would be no. So you can rest assured that after 7 finals won as a coach at the age of 47 and the last act of the Champions League just around the corner, we are not at the dawn of Inzaghismo.

Currently only Maurizio Sarri has found a place in the Treccani dictionary, but the isms are dedicated to other masters, obviously starting with Guardiola and ending with De Zerbi. Although even around the cult of Simeon born on Cholism which now maybe faded, but has made defensive and aggressive football one of its brands. For Inzaghi, as for the Allegri of the golden years - not that of the Juventus encore without victories and with more alibis than ideas - the question does not even arise: when the team does badly, it's their fault, when it does well, thanks to the players , as the great Boskov said.

They are labels, of course, which however are not only linked to fashions, but also to ways: the communication of certain coaches like their football, perhaps effective in certain moments but not very appealing. And in a world that is increasingly moving towards the entertainment industry, this aspect makes the difference not only in the tastes of the fans, but sometimes also in the choices of clubs. Inzaghi is liked as long as he wins and in reality even when he brings home a tight final like the one on Wednesday against Fiorentina, he leaves us perplexed the fans who would not like to see Correa or Gagliardini on the pitch. But the management of the group is invisible from the outside and is fundamental. And never mind if the manager-coach label is almost an offense. The most successful of all in the Champions League, after all, never gave birth to Ancelottism. And a reason was largely made of it.

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