Schlein's limits on work

Schlein's limits on work

Elly Schlein spoke at the Trento Economics Festival to reiterate that the government increases precariousness. "For us, the priority is to oppose the Meloni government on the Labor decree because under the cut of the tax wedge a rule is hidden that makes precariousness structural". Schlein refers to the modification of the regulation on fixed-term contracts between 12 and 24 months, essentially adding the possibility of extension for the cases provided for by the collective agreements. The legislation is not a wild liberalization that devastates the world of work: just think that the Jobs act, approved by the Democratic Party, allowed renewals of up to 36 months without reasons. The change by the government which refers to the reasons set out in the collective agreements had been a request from the unions for some time, led by the CISL which traditionally sees a greater role in company bargaining. It is no coincidence that the general secretary Luigi Sbarra has expressed a favorable opinion on this innovation.

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