Schlein to the CGIL: "Common battle on the minimum wage, willing to change Pd proposal"

Schlein to the CGIL: "Common battle on the minimum wage, willing to change Pd proposal"

"I believe there are common battles that as an opposition we can carry on in Parliament and in the country and we must understand what they are. I will make my small contribution". Thus the secretary of the Pd, Elly Schleinspeaking at the CGIL congress in Rimini during the round table with the leaders of the opposition and the general secretary of the union Maurizio Landini. "I'm immediately willing to think about how to change our proposal and how to find a unified proposal", added Schlein.

"We will fight for a minimum wage because below a certain threshold we cannot speak of work because it is exploitation. - she adds - We will fight because there are more than three million male and female workers who are poor, even if they work. This I felt to bring to the attention of the government and of President Meloni yesterday. In a situation of high inflation and risk for families, we cannot accept that there are such low wages and precarious contracts. Alongside the minimum wage, there are the battles we mentioned yesterday , for the law on representation that sweeps away pirate contracts, and the one to be able to limit fixed-term contracts that condemn many young people and women in these countries to precariousness".

To those who ask for criticism of Charles Calenda to his speech yesterday, he replies: "Today we have the pleasure of discussing" with Calenda, "the minimum wage is one of those issues on which all the oppositions have presented motions and bills. So we will discuss it shortly".

Protected by the CGIL security service, the secretary of the Pd reached the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini and the leader of the M5S Joseph Conte for a brief conversation before the round table organized by the trade union congress in Rimini.

"Everything the Jobs Act represented was a failure," he attacked Joseph Conte. "It's not true that you haven't created jobs," he replied Charles Calenda which ruled out a future government with the other participants in the debate.

Shortly before taking the stage, Carlo Calenda had ruled out a new 'photo of Vasto' that foreshadowed an alliance. "What interests me today - said the leader of Action - is to talk about issues that are related to the welfare state, welfare, health care, the minimum wage, collective bargaining. We are not here for any photos of Vasto, there is no alliance. Pd and M5s are one thing, we are a different thing, not because I dislike them, but because we have different ideas on 90% of the political agenda".

"Today the basic question is do we want to give a voice to the world of work and what reforms to make? Today there are poor wages and unprecedented precariousness, industrial policy must be put back on its feet", he said Maurizio Landiniopening the debate.

"Coalitions are not enough but without the definition of a coalition capacity, people don't convince them. More suicides like those in the political elections or those in Lazio: that's enough". This is what the secretary of the Italian Left said Nicola Fratoianni.

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