Schlein, encouragements and hugs «Elly don’t leave us». You take the square and head the battle –

Schlein, encouragements and hugs «Elly don't leave us».  You take the square and head the battle -


Of Maurice Giannattasio

Then he goes to the mayor for a forty-minute meeting

The pit stop is in front of the monument to Sandro Pertini in the very central via Manzoni. Waiting for Elly Schlein is a package of supporters from the first hour. Pierfrancesco Majorino and Lamberto Bertolè with the metropolitan secretary Silvia Roggiani. Schlein goes almost unnoticed in the comings and goings of the Saturday afternoon crowd. The scene suddenly changes as soon as she sets foot in Piazza della Scala. Her people, who only partially coincide with the Democratic Party, block her, squeeze her, caress her, urge her not to give up. Very young, young and much less young. Someone yells: «Elly don’t leave us». “But how? I just arrived!” the secretary replies, amused. «Elly come to Sesto, we need you to win». “We are the ones who need you,” she replies. The longest hug is with Susanna Camusso. “I know you were here, I saw the photos – says the new secretary – come and see me”. A lady arrives who remembers other times. «The last time I got so excited was when I met Berlinguer». Those few steps that separate her from Palazzo Marino where she will shortly go to meet the mayor Beppe Sala for about forty minutes are transformed into a praise of slowness. Half an hour of selfie to make thirty meters. One minute step.

Schlein knows what he wants also in terms of communication. He says in the ear of his spokesman: “I only answer questions concerning this square.” So it is. The lunge is direct. «The government has lashed out cruelly against these children, but they are children like everyone else and they already go to our schools, communities are growing. There is no reason to deny their recognition.’ The main way is that of the law. Also invoked by Sala, essential to unlock the stop to enrollment of children in the Registry. It will be written in conjunction with charities, Rainbow Families and the Lenford Network. «We are already moving – she says in the few jokes allowed to the reporters who besiege her – and we will write it with the associations. We will be by their side as in the square also in Parliament ».

Schlein is called to the stage by the organizers several times. She niche. The reason? I don’t know. We enter the most hidden mechanisms of politics. Perhaps what happened in the square with the stadium ovations for the new secretary is enough. Perhaps the message that must reach the ante-Schlein Pd has already arrived. We are already in the post Democratic Party as we have known it up to now. Someone ironically recalls similar enthusiasm for Matteo Renzi. Someone else does the incantations. The fact is that Schlein seems capable of accommodating all those satellites which, although gravitating in the orbit of the left, were more of an abandoned field than a “wide field”. Eventually he takes the stage and gives himself to the people present and the response is more reminiscent of a rock concert than a party rally. The music goes up. Hands are raised with a pen in hand to remember the blocked inscriptions. The fist with the pen. “We must convince this government that discrimination has never led to the advancement of society, because the safest society is the most inclusive one, which does not discriminate, which leaves no one behind”. Good first.

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