Schlein effect: the Democratic Party is approaching 20 percent (+0.8). The polls

Schlein effect: the Democratic Party is approaching 20 percent (+0.8).  The polls

In the voting projections, the Dems gain another percentage point after last Monday's two and a half points. And the new president Bonaccini speaks of "a unitary secretariat". Brothers of Italy above 30 percent, the third pole drops

Continues the positive impact of Elly Schlein on the electoral projections of the Pd: nei SWG surveys for La7 newsthe dems gain almost a percentage point – after the increase of more than two and a half points last week – approaching 20 percent of the vote (19.8). Immediately behind, the 5 star movement goes back half a point compared to the negative leap suffered the previous Monday (16.1). On the other hand, Giorgia Meloni's party loses half a point, which however remains well away from the contenders and sails anyway above 30 percent (30.3). The other government forces also show only slight variations, while the Third Pole loses half a point, returning below 8 percent.

The optimism generated by the new secretary also reaches the new president of the Democratic Party, Stefano Bonaccini, elected on Sunday after losing the primary. Speaking in Metropolis, Bonaccini spoke of a party "more alive than ever" and recognized Schlein's "right and duty to show the way". And he adds that it will be understood "in the next few days if it will be possible to arrive at a unitary secretariat that also includes the representatives of the broad area that voted for me".

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