"Schlein also follow us on the no to incinerators". The Grillina Della Casa speaks

"Schlein also follow us on the no to incinerators".  The Grillina Della Casa speaks

"Schlein is following us on many things and I honestly hope he does the same on the incinerator." Roberta DellaCasa, former assessor of the IV Municipality in Rome, very loyal to Virginia Raggi and new group leader of the M5s in the Lazio Region makes an explicit invitation to the new secretary of the Democratic Party to change the line on the waste-to-energy plant that the dem mayor of the capital Roberto Gualtieri wants to build. More generally he asks the new secretary to change the line of his new Pd on the issue of waste and their disposal. "I would like it if the Democratic Party said no to incinerators not only in Rome and Lazio but throughout Italy, on the other hand we in the M5s do not say that they are polluting and obsolete plants, Europe says so, it would certainly be a good step" . In short, to go back to talking to the dem, he starts again from the system that prevented the electoral alliance in Lazio. “The one imagined by Gualtieri – says Della Casa – is a harmful plant from an environmental point of view, from that of public health, moreover it is of an old generation, enormous, and also inefficient from an economic point of view. If the Pd took a step back we could start talking at least on the environment. We are waiting to understand what the direction of the new secretary will be, those who are on the side of the environment cannot support such a plant”.

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