Schlein against Meloni: social duel to the last "like"

Schlein against Meloni: social duel to the last "like"

The start had been great. But the performance on social media of the new Pd secretary Elly Schlein continues to be, even 18 days after her election – on the rise. From Twitter to Instagram via Facebook, the new leader is the name around which most discussions, comparisons, comments are articulated. So it's not just a simple count of "likes". The reasoning is more complex and in the end the mirror of a success on the platforms that holds over time.

To support it, data and articulated graphics in hand, is the visual communication and strategic marketing company "Arcadia" by Domenico Giordano. But let's get to the results.

digital speech
The first comparison of the digital speech of the 2 leaders of the 2 most important Italian parties already gives us some interesting data and some curiosities.
Giorgia Meloni is more present on Facebook, a platform with a decidedly more transversal audience, while Elly Schlein strongly presides over Twitter whose audience has very different characteristics.

Elly Schlein queen of social media: on the day of the parade in Florence she beats everyone for liking

Emanuela Minucci

Mentions online
Even the cake of online mentions confirms Schlein's competitiveness in this phase with an overall share of 34 thousand mentions collected from February 26 to March 14 compared to Meloni's 27 thousand.

New followers
In the collection of new followers, Giorgia Meloni earns another 100 thousand (from February 27 to today) on the TikTok account which reaches 1.1 million, while Elly Schlein brings home another 115 thousand on the Instagram account.

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