Scardina, slight improvement for the boxer: "Breathe independently"

Scardina, slight improvement for the boxer: "Breathe independently"

"15 days after hospitalization, the progressive improvements, monitored with the electroencephalogram, allowed the doctors to further reduce the sedatives and let the patient breathe autonomously". Thus the Humanitas hospital in Rozzano, at the request of the family, informs about the conditions of the boxer Daniele Scardina hospitalized in a coma since last February 28, after an illness felt at the end of a training session.

"Therefore, the situation is slightly improving - reads the bulletin - but it is still too early to comment on the prognosis in terms of speed and quality of the recovery". The next bulletin, the hospital informs, will be issued when there is significant news.

The boxer fell ill at the end of training, in the changing rooms of the Fit Square gym in Buccinasco (Milan). Illness caused by extensive hemorrhage caused by a lesion of the bridging veins on the cerebral surface. Immediately transported to the hospital he underwent a brain operation to remove a subdural hematoma.

"King Toretto", his nickname, was preparing for the match on March 24 at the Allianz Cloud in Milan against the Belgian Cedric Spera. It would have been his debut in the light heavyweight: ten rounds to put the super middleweights behind him and the defeat with De Carolis which cost him the Wbo title last May

Scardina is well known for some television appearances and for being Diletta Leotta's boyfriend. On February 26, 2021, the 30-year-old had captured the WBO intercontinental title in the super middleweight category, knocking out reigning champion Ricardo Nunez in the eighth round. On May 13, 2022, he faced compatriot Giovanni De Carolis for the WBO title, suffering the first loss of his career by TKO. Daniele Scardina then also participated in the broadcast Dancing with the Stars as a competitor, finishing in fourth place and is the face of several brands.

King Toretto begins to get serious with boxing gloves at 15 years old. Born in Rozzano (Milan) but of Sicilian origins, he goes to the United States, New York and Miami, to train as a professional with Dino Spencer. He becomes a member of the Miami Evangelical Pentecostal Church of God. An investment, that of his apprenticeship in the 5th Street Gym, which bears fruit from him. In 2013, at the age of 21, he won the Golden Glove and participated in the World Series of Boxing and the Talent League. In March 2019 he won the international title of the super-middleweight category of the International Boxing Federation. Before the WBO intercontinental title and the defeat with De Carolis.

Since then, Scardina did not fight. On Tuesday he was doing a glove session: King Toretto was targeting the debut match in the light heavyweight scheduled for Friday 24 March at the Allianz Cloud in Milan. Then the dramatic illness and the journey with sirens blaring towards the home hospital in Rozzano. His building, his ring, for the most important battle.

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