Saras, profit of 416 million in 2022, the Board proposes a dividend of 0.19 euros –

Saras, profit of 416 million in 2022, the Board proposes a dividend of 0.19 euros -


In 2022 the Saras group recorded a reported net profit of 416.9 million against 9.3 million in 2021, including the effect of the so-called tax on extra profits. The comparable net result of €709.8 million (negative by €136 million in 2021). The reported EBITDA of 1,170.3 million against the previous 277.1 million, due to the increase in prices and margins of petroleum products and the operating performance of the refinery, explains the group. The net financial position before IFRS16 was positive for 269 million. The Board therefore proposed a dividend of €0.19 per share.

Saras expects a positive market scenario, albeit subject to volatility, with diesel refining margins still high compared to historical averages, petrol margins in the process of normalizing, and energy costs still subject to instability in gas prices. For 2023, an EMC reference margin is expected to be higher than historical averages, although lower than that recorded in 2022. Investments in the Industrial & Marketing segment will amount to approximately 180-190 million, to guarantee the efficiency and competitiveness of the refinery. Meanwhile, the expansion plan in renewables continues with the construction of the 80MW Helianto photovoltaic park and the advanced stage authorization process for new projects, with investments in 2023 for around 60-70 million. Respect the environment: if you don’t need to, do not print this email. Respect the environment: if it is not necessary, don’t print this email.


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