Santanchè, Botticelli's Venus also in a winter version

Santanchè, Botticelli's Venus also in a winter version

«Botticelli's Venus will always be our virtual influencer but in a winter version. You will see it on skis and in 3d. We must also address young people, not only with virtual influencers but also with social networks. With the summer campaign we had crazy numbers all over the world, also thanks to the criticisms». The Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè anticipates and relaunches, speaking at the Future North Direction event at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

"Several distinctions have also been made on the Open to wonder campaign - he added - we make some mistakes too, but between doing and not doing I think it's better to do". For the minister "we must learn to be better at communicating and know how to sell ourselves - she concluded - we should all appropriate that pride of belonging, be proud of our nation".

Translations, fake followers and doubts about the 9 million invested: it's still a storm on the "Venus influencer"


The 9 million euro advertising campaign on the beauties of Italy had not failed to arouse a shower of protests. The project envisages development on all the main international markets, both consolidated and with high potential, with an intensity weighted on the basis of existing and expected tourist flows. In particular, Europe, Gulf countries, the USA, Central and South America, China, India, South East Asia and Australia. About half of the investment will be concentrated on the main international airport hubs, with the promotional video being broadcast on Ita Airways flights, and on European railway stations, with direct connections to Italy and where there is a strong synergy between Enit and Trenitalia: France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

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