Rome, Mourinho: "Juve's -10 distorts everything". Shot at Pairetto: "He refereed well ..."

Rome, Mourinho: "Juve's -10 distorts everything".  Shot at Pairetto: "He refereed well ..."

"This draw is perhaps also my fault but it doesn't change anything. We have never been in the running for the Champions League". José Mourinho is gloomy after the 2-2 draw with Salernitana. It is evident that he is not satisfied with the result but many other things do not go down well for him, starting with those who think that Roma have lost a great opportunity to get back in the running for 4th place after the new penalty from Juventus: "You can't he can talk about a team in the running for the Champions League with 7 million euros spent in the transfer market. Did Tiago Pinto say that? It's his problem, not mine. Tiago Pinto is the manager and I'm a coach. We're close friends, we can have opinions different and that's the way it is. But for me we've never been in the Champions League. We can make history, we've already made it and we want to continue making it in Europe."

Rome-Salernitana 2-2: the Giallorossi hold back again, Matic saves them

by Matteo Pinci

"Mandatory changes, I have many tired players"

Going back to the match, he said: "It was a difficult challenge, the opponent played in the Champions League final and I don't say it as a criticism: football has to be like this, you have to play at the limits beyond what you need. They they didn't need points, but to demonstrate that they are professionals and they played this game with the right attitude. We played a first half with little intensity and no desire to play, there was also little concentration. It is probably due to the many substitutions , maybe it's also my fault but the situation isn't easy. We have to play in a final and we have many players who are tired and on the edge. There were forced substitutions, already agreed before the match. It's not easy to manage this. In the second half we made some substitutions and the team obviously improved. In the second half we won 2-1, in the first we lost 1-0. Maybe we deserved a little more, but maybe also because of their attitude they deserve a draw. Now there are two league games left and the final, which is the most important thing. We will give serious training with Fiorentina. I'll make some changes, even more than today, but we'll go there and play seriously. We will do our best."

The report cards of Rome-Salernitana: Smalling careless, Candreva ageless

by Niccolo Maurelli

Arrow to Pairetto, Udinese-Lazio referee: "Good, as always"

Mourinho doesn't talk about refereeing but throws a dig at the Udinese-Lazio referee, hit by criticism after the dubious penalty awarded to the Biancocelesti which decided the game: "Pairetto is as good as always, he always does his job well".

"Juve's new penalty? Falsified championship"

He then comments on Juventus' new penalty: "For me it's a joke. Knowing this thing two days from the end is strange for everyone, even for Juventus. If they had told me this before Monza or Bologna we would have had a different approach to the championship. We were forced to bet everything on the Europa League. I'm sorry for Allegri and the players because they won those points on the pitch, but the truth is that the championship is distorted. I don't want to talk any more about this, I'm sorry for them who they are professionals".

"Dybala is sick, I don't know if he will recover for Budapest"

The Portuguese coach takes stock of the situation regarding Dybala, who was sent to the stands: "Paulo is ill, I don't know if he'll be able to recover for the final in Budapest, I'm not optimistic". Then he talks about the condition of the returning players: "Smalling and El Shaarawy played 90 minutes, Wijnaldum also many minutes. I'm not sure if Camara's injury is an injury or just tiredness. Celik is fine, let's see Spinazzola".

"Today 13 years since the Champions League they won with Inter? Now it's up to them to rewrite history"

Finally, a thought on Inter given that on the evening of 22 May 13 years ago they won the Champions League on the Nerazzurri bench: "That cup is now history, now it's their turn to rewrite it", he said in view of the awaited final against Manchester City .

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