Rome, Mourinho: "I don't think Dybala will be in Budapest, I hope to bring him to the bench"

Rome, Mourinho: "I don't think Dybala will be in Budapest, I hope to bring him to the bench"

The presence of Paulo Dybala it will be a doubt that Jose Mourinho will carry with him until a few hours before the final of Europa League against Sevilla scheduled for Wednesday 31st in Budapest. "Dybala I don't think he can play in Budapest. I hope he can at least be on the bench," said the coach Rome in the press conference organized on the occasion of the UEFA media day. "If Paulo can stay on the bench and give me 15-20 minutes, I'm already happy - added the Portuguese coach - The truth is what you saw today, there's a group that worked on the pitch. Then there's Spinazzola and Karsdorp who have done custom work, while Dybala is in the medical department." On why the Argentinian was called up in the days before, 'Mou' explained that "we tried to use him, because when you think about the final you also think about his preparation. Against Salernitana I thought he could play once, like in Bologna, but instead no. We're trying to go all out. The truth is, he's out. He won't be there again on Saturday."

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by Giulio Cardone, Pasquale Tina

Mourinho and the future: "Everything is secondary when you play in a final"

Mourinho did not want to address the future issue: "Everything is secondary when a final is played. There is no reason for optimism, there is no reason for pessimism. We just want to play in the final - he adds - My only focus is the the final and a little bit of Saturday's game". Anyone who tries to tease him by telling him that if he wins the Europa League with Roma this could be considered his greatest feat replies: "I don't like talking first, I like playing a lot. It's a shame I can't make a final every week. I'm not thinking to myself right now, but to the players and the fans." And if on his relationship with the referees he says "I prefer not to answer" to those who ask him how he has changed in his twenty-year career and successes, he replies: "I have become a better coach and person, but the DNA is the same. I am only pleased to play this final, remembering the journey done".

"With Roma we will remain linked forever"

Specia One is certain of one thing: "Is the affection I receive from the fans striking? I hope my words aren't misinterpreted by Tottenham fans, the only club I don't feel a close bond with is that one. Probably because the stadium was empty due to Covid, president Llevy took away my chance to play in a final but I have a special bond with all the other clubs, because people aren't stupid, they know I give everything for the club. So it is in Rome, "The fan perceives that I work and fight for them, it's not just a matter of trophies won. Even with Roma, when that day comes, it won't be easy but we will remain linked forever just like with the other clubs, with the exception of Tottenham." .

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