Roccella and Annunziata, clash on surrogacy

Roccella and Annunziata, clash on surrogacy

"There is no denial of children's rights. Everyone in Italy has the same rights". He assures it, a Half an hour more on Rai3the Minister for Equal Opportunities, the Birth Rate and the Family, Eugenie Roccella. A response to the thousands of people who yesterday, with the Rainbow Families, took to the streets of Milan to demonstrate against the stop to registry transcripts for the children of gay couples and against the rejection by the center-right of the proposed regulation on the filiation certificate in the Senate European. But Roccella does not move from his well-known positions and does not move the line of government by a millimetre: "A homosexual parent can be an excellent parent but we need to see what model we want: we have a model that provides for a mother and a father".

"Even for couples who have resorted to rented wombs - Roccella said on the Lucia Annunziata show - when you return to Italy, the biological parent is recognized. The problem is that these couples sometimes do not accept the recognition of the biological father and ask to be both registered in the registry office. The Cassation has said that the way forward is adoption in particular cases. The second parent can do this."

On surrogacy, the minister announced: "Now we will make a law against surrogate wombs." In Europe there are even fairs. Today it can cost around 100 thousand euros and women, in countries where it is legal, receive 15/20 thousand. It is about deciding whether a motherhood can be a question of the market".

Then, with respect to the controversy over the sentence of the FdI exponent Fabio Rampelli who spoke of "people of the same sex who pass off children born with surrogacy as children outside the borders of Italy", Roccella sympathized with the vice president of the Chamber: "'Dealing' evokes other things, perhaps the term is not correct , but the truth is what Rampelli said. Our law says that to be adopted you need a father and a mother". And she added: "A homosexual parent can be an excellent parent but we need to see what model we want: we have a model that provides for a mother and a father".

By clarifying that it is not that "mother and father are concepts of the identity of the nation. I would rather say that it is our intimate experience, what we have all experienced" and "if a woman who has a child, orphaned or not recognized by herself, she marries another man, in order for this child to be the son of that man, there is a need for adoption in particular cases, which is facilitated, because there is no suitability process. Better guarantees are given to the child".

During the discussion in In half an hour there was a question and answer access between the presenter and the minister. "Politics - said Roccella - serves to give a vision for the future, it is politics that must decide whether motherhood is a market thing, we must provide solutions, a vision for the future". And Lucia Annunziata replied: "You have the responsibility of making those laws, c. . .". Then, she apologized several times to the minister and the spectators for the term she let slip.

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