Roberto Cicciomessere, former Radical deputy dead: Bonino's condolences

Roberto Cicciomessere, former Radical deputy dead: Bonino's condolences

He died in Rome Roberto Cicciomessere former historical deputy of the Radical party and one of the founders of Radical Radio. The announcement was made by the party secretary Maximilian Iervolinothe treasurer Giulia Crivellini and the president Igor Boni, who underlined: "He leaves us invaluable seeds of freedom. But also of method and praxis. Intelligence bordering on genius". AND Emma Bonino adds: "Together with Marco Pannella And Gianfranco Spadaccia he taught me politics. Or rather, she taught me politics. And not just any policy. Radical Politics".

Two-time party secretary

Cicciomessere he was twice secretary of the Radical party, deputy in the Chamber and MEP. Thanks to his nonviolent initiatives, especially his arrest, in 1972 Italy recognized the right to conscientious objection to military service. Decisive in the birth of Radio Radicale, he was then the forerunner of the use of telematics applied to politics, with the creation of Agorà Telematica, one of the first Internet service providers in Italy.

Subsequently he was a consultant for labor policies, and drafter of important bills on the subject that the Italian Radicals continue to pursue. '' We mourn him with deep affection, remembering the stretches of road he has traveled with us, always embodying the heart of radical praxis. Our commitment has always been and will continue to be to germinate those seeds of freedom that he wanted to share with us'', write Iervolino, Crivellini and Boni.

The condolences of politics

"Roberto's uncompromising intelligence and his intellectual rigor have been an example and inspiration for me and for generations of Radicals. Without his battles, starting with the one against compulsory military service and for conscientious objection, today the Italy would be a less free country", underlines Emma Bonino." Thanks to her commitment, study and analytical skills - she continues - we have had, among hundreds of other contributions, the first pamphlet, Everything you know about immigrants is false, which debunked every lie about migratory flows in Italy. Roberto was the demonstration that only with data and in-depth analysis can good politics be achieved".

Cicciomessere is also remembered by the secretary of Più Europa, Riccardo Magi: "Today Italy is losing a piece of its best history, the one that fought and won to make us freer and our country a better place". AND Bruno DellaVedova he adds: "Roberto was an intelligent and courageous innovator. I knew him on the radio as the one who had fought in a decisive way for conscientious objection, the one who had contributed with others to bring the voice of Parliament on the waves of Radio Radicale".

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