Resident Evil 4 Remake, a video game classic returns

Resident Evil 4 Remake, a video game classic returns

Resident Evil 4 is a title entered in the history of video games. First released on January 27, 2005 in Japan, there the entire series is called Biohazards, arrives in Europe on the Nintendo GameCube system in March of the same year and is an instant success.

The fourth episode of the famous survival horror represents a turning point for the Capcom saga, as well as the last chapter directed by Shinji Mikami, its creator who later left the studio to join Clover Studio. Set in Valdelobos, a fictitious and isolated village in northern Spain, Resident Evil 4 sees as the main protagonist Leon Scott Kennedy, survivor of the Raccoon City disaster, which occurred six years earlier. Leon, who in the meantime has become a government agent reporting directly to the President of the United States, has the task of identifying and rescuing the latter's daughter, Ashley Grahamcodenamed Golden Eagle, who is thought to have been kidnapped and held hostage in the remote Spanish location.

As soon as you enter the village of Resident EveL 4 one realizes that the classic survival horror register has changed. We do not meet zombies but los Ganadoslocals infected with las plagas, a parasite that produces mutations and alters consciousness, capable of making its hosts deadly fast and resistant to wounds inflicted. The introduction of Los Ganados gives the game a faster pace, introducing a strong action component on the typical survival horror system.

The framing of the camera that is now behind Leon also changes, the combat system changes and becomes more dynamic, but above all they are the atmospheres to render Resident Evil 4 an iconic title capable of redefining many standards.

Echoes of Lovecraft's work meet Doctor Moreau's Island and especially Dagon The mutation of evil, 2001 film directed by Stuart Gordon, coating Resident Evil 4 of a thick aura of mystical ineluctability. Everything in Valdelobos is evil and dangerous. An impending danger that gives no respite, is overbearing and impregnates everything, even the moments of peace where the game becomes more reflective, the action leaves room for exploration and the resolution of puzzles that have become famous.

Not a trivial remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake returns almost twenty years after its first appearance on the GameCube and aims to offer players, old and new, a modern title, profoundly renewed, updated, with the chapters of the adventure remodeled chronologically and additional sections, a extension which expanded by two chapters original. A game however capable of stay true to some important elements that characterized it, starting from the plot.
The strong action component remains intact, the fights with the enemies infected by las plagas are varied and dynamic, frenetic when you find yourself containing a horde. Leon also has a new maneuver at his disposal: the parry he adds additional dynamism and fun to the combat system.

It should be noted that Resident Evil 4 it's a challenging title. At the beginning of the adventure the player has to choose between three levels of difficulty: assisted, normal, hard. Once the choice has been made, it will not be possible to change it during the game. For those approaching the saga for the first time, it is better to opt for the first two levels, the difficulty normal it is balanced but ensures a high challenge rate.

The Merchant

The figure of the Merchant is a classic of Resident Evil, identifier almost like the typewriter that allows you to save the progress of the game. The Merchant is found in various protected points of the map, as in the original, from him you can sell the precious objects collected during the adventure, you can buy weapons and consumables such as medical spray. The Merchant also sells weapon upgradesmulti-level feature upgrades. System very similar to the one seen in the recent Resident Evil Village. A new feature in the Merchant menu is lo exchange with spinels, precious stones that are received upon completing side missions.

The atmospheres

As incredible as it is, the impressive graphic facelift Of Resident Evil 4 Remake gives Capcom's work an even darker atmosphere. The sense of danger is overwhelming and reaches its peak in spectacular and challenging end-of-level boss fights.

In addition to the excellent characterization of the environments that hold the player in a malevolent embrace enhanced by the lighting system and amplified by ambient noise, the representation of the opponents also appears particularly accurate and successful.


The Remake of Resident Evil 4 exceeds expectations. The work done by Capcom on such an important title in the history of video games he was respectful but not slavishly didactic. The Japanese house has given the already excellent basic material modernity in all its aspects, giving old and new players an adventure full of charm and a challenging experience that is difficult to forget.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is available from March 24 on PlayStation 4 and PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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