Renzi and Calenda's first outing with Renew Europe (and some booing)

Renzi and Calenda's first outing with Renew Europe (and some booing)

"We come from a great trauma, we weren't able to form a single party as we promised", says the leader of Iv. "He's a hard worker," replies the head of Action. The meeting with the European partners and the bumpy road to the Third Pole

The French arrive, the big day of the Roman Renew Europe event at the Eliseo theater arrives, the internal bar comes alive with young organizers landed from Brussels, and with the big day, the great expectations reappear that were about to be shattered by the upheavals between Matthew Renzi And Charles Calenda, having returned a stone's throw from the ravine and from the separation of the Action groups and Italia Viva in Parliament - European and national expectations which, together with the fear of doing irreparable damage to their political creatures even before starting to walk, have so to speak favored reconciliation (apparent or not at this stage does not matter) between the two former litigants, at the first public meeting after the signing of the truce in the Senate. And the international meeting inevitably falls into the national maelstrom at a certain point.

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