Rai 3, goodbye. The Tele Kabul epic ends. Become a "white" network

Rai 3, goodbye.  The Tele Kabul epic ends.  Become a "white" network

"When there was Rai 3". It will be the last cry of the left, the melancholy of those who had found Marx in the remote control: "Comrade subscriber, do you remember?". Walter Veltroni will make a documentary of it. The Republic a long form. The Press at least two. After 36 years, the optics of Angelo Guglielmi, the director-writer-critic of Rai 3, the glasses of the revolution (but on television), the man of share and the people who, before he died, remembered: “I did more, for the left, with Who has seen, that Gramsci with his Notebooks”. A Rai 3 will be born that will resemble La7, a network dedicated to information, but will be mixed, right and left. The M5s is fighting to have Rai com, and also the Rai cinema genre. Tele Kabul fell on May 1923.

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