Premio 'Sette Colli' is already derby with Righetti, Faccini and Gregucci - Calcio

Premio 'Sette Colli' is already derby with Righetti, Faccini and Gregucci - Calcio

The "Sette Colli" Award is an event that is repeated on the eve of the Rome-Lazio derby, organized by Fabrizio Pacifici, on the occasion special awards are assigned to personalities from sport, business and entertainment, linked in some way to Rome and to Rome. Among other things, in the name of sportsmanship, friendship and Fair Play, a "Roma&Lazio" award has also been established, which is awarded to an excellent Lazio fan.

Angelo Gregucci

The 15th edition took place in the Campidoglio (Sala della Protomoteca), with prestigious awardees: the actors Ninetto Davoli, Enzo Salvi, Massimo Wertmuller, the singer Silvia Salemi, the youtuber and family influencer Stefano Pollari (accompanied by his daughter Ilary), the speaker of the AS Roma Olympic Stadium Matteo Vespasiani, the Italian Champions Ubaldo Righetti and Paolo Alberto Faccini who scored the first goal of the season for Roma's second Scudetto, the journalist and editor Michel Emi Maritato, the singer-songwriter Andrea Del Monte, the Master Chef Bruno Brunori, and Angelo Adamo Gregucci, flag of Lazio.

During the event, opened by a wind quintet from the Italian Army Band, the new book by Susanna Marcellini and Massimo Paravani "L'Anno Magico" was presented. Many well-known faces present: the Hon. Fabrizio Santori Adviser Secretary of the Capitoline Assembly (promoter of the event), Ettore Viola, Marcello Magnelli, Alessandro Benardinelli, Dundar Kesapli, Francesca Piggianelli, Fulvio Rocco de Marinis, Raffaela Anastasio, Andreea Duma, Nazanin Eagder, Italo La Penna (President of the National Italian Soccer Olympians), Bruno Mascarenhas (rowing world champion).

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