possible "derby" in the Premier League with Genoa- Corriere.it

possible "derby" in the Premier League with Genoa- Corriere.it

Of Gregory Spigno

Leeds boss Andrea Radrizzani wants to save Sampdoria from bankruptcy, while Genoa owner fund 777 wants to buy Everton in the Premier League

A Genoa derby in… Premier League. This is a more or less absurd scenario, which however could become reality if a (large) set of factors goes through. Because on the one hand there is
Andrea Radrizzani, former owner of Leeds
and interested in detecting the Sampdoriawhile on the other is the American holding company 777 Partners, former owner of Genoa (newly promoted to Serie A) and interested in buying Everton.

Radrizzani, just this morning, paid a visit to Sampdoria sports center in Bogliasco for a meeting with Alberto Bosco, a member of the board of directors of Sampdoria (fresh from relegation to Serie B) with whom he allegedly discussed on buying the club. "Trust? Always…», commented the Leeds patron as he left the Mugnaini sports centre. His partner, Matteo Manfredi, shares the same opinion, who a couple of days ago also revealed the details of the negotiation: «We have reached an agreement with the banks for the full payment of all their credits. Then we are ready to invest 55 million for the salvation and relaunch of the company plus another 20 that are already available». Manfredi also spoke of a meeting - confirmed - with the mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, for the stadium question.

Over the Channel, however, the Daily Mail launched the news that holding company 777 Partners would be close to closing for Everton thanks to an offer from approx 690 million euros for 94% of the shares. A very heavy investment, which aims to expand the network of companies linked to 777: in fact, in addition to Genoa, the holding also owns Hertha Berlin in Germany, Vasco da Gama in Brazilit Standard Liège in Belgium, the Red Star in France, the Melbourne Victory in Australia and some shares of Seville in Spain. Just a base in England would be missing, which could soon find its headquarters in Liverpool.

The curiosity lies in the fact that if the Premier League would in some way be tinged with red and blue, the "English derby" between Genoa and Sampdoria is already more alive than ever: one day from the end of the championship, Everton "red and blue" floats in the safety zone at +2 right on the "sampdoria" Leeds third last, who to save themselves would have to beat Tottenham on the last day and hope for a victory by Bournemouth at Goodison Park over Everton.

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