Ponte Morandi, Mion (formerly to Edizione): «If they have to investigate me, they will do it, they decide»

Ponte Morandi, Mion (formerly to Edizione): «If they have to investigate me, they will do it, they decide»
Mion: «We knew that the Morandi bridge had a design flaw»

The unprepared company

On the fact that, in the wiretaps, he highlighted the company's unpreparedness to manage the motorway sector, he confirmed: «Yes, that's right. But the Spaniards, the industrial partners, knew very well how to move».

While on the criticisms made, again in the intercepted phone calls, to the management of the Benettons, he justifies them by speaking of his "frustration" and adds: "This job is very difficult. We had to enter (in Autostrade, ed) at 4% then we entered the 18 because otherwise this hard core would not be done. And then we didn't work enough to bring in other partners».

To those who ask him, then, if he considers the fact that the Benettons have left the group obtaining eight billion a fair conclusion, he replies: «Right? If they gave them to him there must be a reason. This means that they had made a very good concession contract. Paradoxically, Castelluci had done it».

Hope for a different ending

And he adds: «I hope that now they verify better than in the past, I hope so for everyone. Unfortunately I cannot be reborn. I'm at the end of my run and I was hoping it would end better. I had to resign for wiretapping, what was I supposed to do?». In the interceptions, they remind him, he had also complained that the Benettons had not apologized immediately. «Of course - replies Mion - this was important. It would have been very important."

Mion did not shy away from requests to comment on Castellucci's behaviour: «There is the negotiating strategy, the lawyers. But I think that even he, who is a good person, would not do the same if he went back. But that's how it went. The real problem is that this thing here (the management of Autostrade, ed) was too big for us. As for me, I'm always thinking about all the things I should have worried about and haven't taken care of."

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