Pnrr, clash over the fate of projects. The sentences of are a case in point

Pnrr, clash over the fate of projects.  The sentences of are a case in point

Of Andrea Ducci

The minister: «I never said that the plan needs to be dismantled». Opposition to attack: the government explains

At the roll call the 19 billion euros are still missing of the third installment of the Pnrr and is expected shortly the June deadlinewith the reporting by the Italian government of the interventions to obtain from Brussels the fourth installment, which is worth a further 16 billion. In this scenario, the political front is heating up on the fate of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and on the choices that the executive intends to adopt, to keep on track the interventions that must, mandatorily, be completed by 2026.

In the last hours Raffaele Fitto ends up at the center of the controversyMinister for European Affairs and the Pnrr, who intervenes to clarify that in an interview with The print he has never spoken of a "dismantling of the Pnrr", nor of believing that a part of the interventions in large infrastructural works will have to be eliminated. The government's goal is to meet the plan's commitmentshonoring the 2026 deadline, i.e. without seeing the disbursement of funds by Brussels fade away. But Fitto himself has repeated in recent days that some projects are not feasible and that "we cannot continue to have dozens of small projects that make us lose the sense of what we are dealing with". So much so that an evaluation is underway to establish how to relocate some interventions, diverting them to the list of projects financed through cohesion or development funds, which, unlike the Pnrr funds, expire beyond 2026.

A framework that pushes the opposition to attack Dense and the executive, asking for clarity. «The government stop screwing up the Pnrr. After Minister Fitto's words, a parliamentary passage is needed that gives certainties», observe the presidents of the parliamentary groups of the Democratic Party, Chiara Braga and Francesco Boccia. Also speaking was the secretary of Action, Carlo Calenda. "To say that the National Recovery and Resilience Plan needs to be redone, without explaining how, is wrong and dangerous for the country's image," he explains. The Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy takes sides for the government, Adolfo Urso.

"Minister Fitto was misunderstood, he said something else," he says, adding a reconstruction that blames the previous governments. «Everyone knows what has been done in this country: when maximum borrowing resources were requested, when projects were presented in a few days, stacked one after the other. Some have already been rejected, let's think of the stadiums. Let's not make the same mistakes - specifies Urso - that the previous governments made: we will go to the confrontation prepared, aware and responsible".

The tension on the Pnrr dossier also leads the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, to reiterate that "the goal is to spend well especially as regards infrastructure and, indeed, I told Minister Fitto, if some other minister fails to spend what is foreseen , we as Infrastructures can spend a few billion more». In Brussels, meanwhile, the Commission's examination of the third tranche continues. An immediate release of the 19 billion cannot be envisaged. "The work on our evaluation" for the green light to disburse the third installment "is still ongoing" and "constructive exchanges with the Italian authorities" follow one another, they report from Brussels.

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