PlayStation Showcase, unveiled the Project Q console and the remake of Metal Gear Solid

PlayStation Showcase, unveiled the Project Q console and the remake of Metal Gear Solid

In the Italian night, on the occasion of Playstation ShowcaseSony has unveiled what is now known as Project Q, which is a bit of a portable console and a bit of a DualSense controller in which a screen has been inserted in the center.

In short: it is not an answer to the Nintendo Switch but still, as explained by Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainmentwill allow you to stream video games installed on your PlayStation 5 using Remote Play via wi-fi.

Turned off the PS5 you can therefore keep playing, maybe in bed or on the sofausing on Project Q all the games that you already own and those that will be purchased later, such as Spider Man 2 or the long-awaited remake of Metal Gear Solid 3both previewed during the event.

At the moment, very few technical details are known about the Project Q: Sony has said that the 8” display will have FHD 1080p resolution and that the controller will take advantage of "all the functions already present in the PS5 DualSense". We will know more in the months to come, because the console should be on the market by the end of 2023.

youtube: Project Q launch trailer

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youtube: the first trailer of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater

From Metal Gear Solid 3 to Delta

As mentioned, some games were also shown during the PlayStation Showcase, including a new remake of Metal Gear SolidKonami's historic series: this time it's episode 3, which at the time (released in 2004) was called Snake Eater and now it's called Delta.

After many rumors, Konami has confirmed that the game is in development and that it is not a Sony exclusive: Coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Computers.

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