Piazza di Siena at the start, Di Paola: "Rome as a springboard towards the European Championships in Milan, last chance for Paris 2024"

Piazza di Siena at the start, Di Paola: "Rome as a springboard towards the European Championships in Milan, last chance for Paris 2024"

ROME — All set for the 90th edition of Siena square, the Master named after the d'Inzeo brothers scheduled from Thursday 25 May to Sunday 28 at Villa Borghese, Rome. On the eve of the blue riders and amazons, led by the president of the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation Mark DiPaola and by the recruiter Mark Porro, can't wait to get on the saddle and enter the green lawn that is meticulously cared for for the event. "Commitment on the part of the Federation is always important to give a beautiful image of equestrian sports. We - opened the press conference to present Di Paola - try to deal responsibly with this fantastic artistic and natural stage. Every year we try to do something more, with investments, to keep it at its best.In terms of competition, this edition is only the first stage of a long journey that will lead us to theMilan European with the goal of Olympic qualification for Paris 2024. The last three slots will be available and we need to secure one to return to the Games after a 20-year absence from Athens 2004."

Selector Porro was also excited about the four days in Rome: "Piazza di Siena, always beautiful, this year also presents many new features, including the extended field. We also have new features for the Nations Cup, with the two Garofalo brothers, Antonio and Giampiero, together for the first time here in Rome, and the return to formation of Francesca Ciriesi, who will be joined by expert riders such as Piergiorgio Bucci and Emanuele Gaudiano. Tomorrow we will decide the quartet that will compete".

Piazza di Siena: knights, amazons and horses competing at Villa Borghese

Word to the protagonists, therefore: Per Emanuel Gaudiano "This in Rome is a very important Cup competition. It is our Csiop, a fundamental competition, but it is not the only goal of the year and we certainly have one that is worth much more like the Olympic qualification to be obtained at the European Championship of Milan. Rome will also serve us to better evaluate our horses and regulate ourselves on future choices". Agreed the most experienced of the team, Piergiorgio Bucci: "We'll do everything to get the best results, but it's not the only appointment that counts in this particular year, given that the European Championship will be worth the Olympic qualification".

Brothers Garofalo, said the coach. For Anthony "being in the Cup team here in Rome with my brother Giampiero is a source of great pride, but also an extra motivation to do well in this competition which is always and in any case very important for us Italians". Stimulate that Frances Ciriesi will also derive from his "first time in Piazza di Siena". The point on the form of the blue formation belongs to Giulia Martinengo Marquet: "The team will count on extraordinary and expert riders. And I am particularly happy that another rider like Ciriesi is part of it, who has earned her place thanks to splendid results. It is a very strong team, which will be able to express itself at high levels against opponents just as strong. The pitch is wonderful."

Giampiero and Antonio, in Piazza di Siena the Garofalo brothers in the myth of the D'Inzeo

by Claudio Cucciatti

In the individual competition will also take part Bruno Chimirri and her daughter Elise, 57 and 19 years old: "This year for me the greatest emotion has already been there, when I read his name in the list of 27 called up for Piazza di Siena. I hope to keep up these days, for the further emotion to see her in the race, and maybe we'll talk about it again on Saturday or Sunday, whether I stay alive or not". Elisa who, with the delicacy of her 19 years, considers herself "very lucky to participate in an important competition such as Piazza di Siena and I thank the technicians who summoned me by giving me this fantastic opportunity. Competing together with my father is an additional emotion, even bigger."

Bruno and Elisa Chimirri, in Piazza di Siena all the emotions of father and daughter

by Claudio Cucciatti

TO Luca Marziani the happy task of making those present relive the best moments of the past: "The triumph in the 2017 Cup will remain an indelible memory for life. Every time we meet, with Bruno Chimirri, we always end up talking about that feat and we are moved. As a Roman, every participation in Piazza di Siena is something special, because you really have everyone, including relatives and friends, who come here for me". Last word a Emmanuel Camilli: "As a Roman, the emotion will be special as always. This time I will ride two relatively young horses, making their debut in a 5-star: I hope that Piazza di Siena can prove to be an important springboard for them".

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