Pd, that's why the "Annunziata case" ignites the race for governors at the European elections - Corriere.it

Pd, that's why the "Annunziata case" ignites the race for governors at the European elections - Corriere.it

Of Claudio Bozza

The journalist (and the Nazarene) deny it, but a place as leader in the South (unpopular with De Luca) would be ready for her. The strategies of Emiliano and Bonaccini. Zingaretti would also like to return to Brussels

You will ask yourself:
what does the resignation of Lucia Annunziata from Rai have to do with the 2024 European elections (front of Pd)?
The noisy farewell of the historic journalist, in controversy with the government over the appointments of public television, could speed up the race for nominations for the EU Parliament, also pushing out the competition between (and ex) governors, which has so far remained hidden. Annunziata, despite the direct interested party and the Nazarene officially denying it, could be one of the 5 strong leaders to drive the comeback attempt that Elly Schlein, betting on a still favorable wind, plans to score compared to Giorgia Meloni.

The choice of 5 leaders (one for each college) able to score full marks is the essential prerequisite for this operation. On the upper floors of the Nazarene they are well aware that the South is the Achilles heel of this new course: it is no coincidence that if the Annunziata operation goes through, the journalist would be a candidate in this college.
A move that would sound like another finger in the eye of Campania governor Enzo De Luca
so far the undisputed dominus of this land, on which the new dem secretary has already declared open war by commissioning the party.

In the meantime, however, another close competition for a place in Europe has begun: that between (and former) governors. The mandate of Michele Emilianopresident of Puglia who supported in the primaries Stefano Bonacciniwould expire in 2025. Next year would end for that of Antonio Decaro, mayor of Bari and president of Anci. Emiliano would bet on him as a candidate for an early vote in the Region, while the aims of the former magistrate would turn precisely towards Brussels. Technically it would be a passing of the baton, but the operation is complex.

Then there is the Bonaccini chapter: the mandate of the governor of Emilia-Romagna would also expire in 2025. And he too, president of the Democratic Party, would be sniffing the air towards the EU. Finally, there is the chapter ex. The former president of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti, former MEP, it doesn't seem to make a secret of wanting to return to Brussels. There is a significant political difficulty: in order to run, he would have to leave his seat in the Chamber (Lazio 1, where he had an armored position as leaders) after a year and a half. But the former secretary of the Democratic Party, as we know, is not new to twists and turns.

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May 26, 2023 (change May 26, 2023 | 3:58 pm)

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