Paolo Portoghesi died, the master of choral architecture was 92 years old -

Paolo Portoghesi died, the master of choral architecture was 92 years old -

Of Stefano Bucci

He had designed the Great Mosque of Rome, had directed the Biennale His models: Bramante, Borromini, but also Le Corbusier, Terragni, Ridolfi,

Architecture as knowledge: When I use a theme by Bramante or Borromini I do so by looking at these models through the experiences of Gaud, Le Corbusier, Terragni, Ridolfi, Kahn, Pietila, Gehry. The project as a team game: Architecture is a choral aspect of human work that brings together the work of workers, technicians, craftsmen with respect to which the architect has the task of not canceling their creative participation.

Not without some controversy: The coveted definition of archistar tends to isolate him from the choral production process by relegating him to a fictitious or even virtual world. Paolo Portoghesi, passed away this morning at the age of 92 (he was born in Rome on November 2, 1931) in his beloved home in Calcata, in the province of Viterbo, he thus concentrated in an interview with Reading more than sixty years of work and research (as a designer, as a teacher) in this Poesia della Curva, a volume published in 2021 by Cangemi, which illustrates a predilection for curved lines and surfaces, a predilection which - explains Portoghesi - springs from love for the forms of creation and especially for those of living beings.

Italian architect and architecture historian, graduated in 1957, Portoghesi had taught History of Criticism (1962-66) at the University of Rome, from 1967 to 1977 he was prof. of history of architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, of which he was dean from 1968 to 1976. Since 1995 he had taught design at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome (Portuguese himself had been among the first to talk about the need for closed number ) and had directed the architecture sector of the Venice Biennale (1979-82), of which he was also president (1983-93). His activity took place in parallel on the sides of historical research and architectural design, aiming at the reintegration of collective memory into the tradition of modern architecture. Among his architectural works (which had often aroused heated controversy) as in the case of the Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center in Rome (1984-95), the Renaissance district in the Parco Talenti in Rome (2001).

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