Paluani, bankruptcy of pandoro company declared

Paluani, bankruptcy of pandoro company declared

Over one hundred years of history that end in bankruptcy. It is the bitter conclusion of the parable of Paluani, the pandoro and panettone company of Dossobuono in the province of Verona, decreed by the Veneto Court.

Founded in 1921, the company owned by the Campedelli family (the same one that brought Chievo to Serie A, another family company that went bankrupt last summer) had to succumb to a mountain of 82 million in debt.

as told by theArena Paluani's bankruptcy comes after the bulk of the production activities - brand and factory - were sold last year to Sperlari, which belongs to the German confectionery group Katjes International. The latter had participated in an auction of the bankruptcy section and in July 2022 had managed to take possession of the production assets in exchange for a check for 7.6 million euros, in time to organize production in view of the Christmas campaign.

At that point, Paluani's fate took two paths. Paluani 1921 acquired by Sperlari continued to produce, while Paluani Spa, owner of the properties (partly sold), took the path of the composition procedure.

It was entrusted to two trustees with the aim of examining the liabilities and trying to satisfy the creditors (the Veneto newspaper speaks of an exposure of 35 million to banks such as Banca Valsabbina, Banco Bpm, Bper, Caribolzano, Carige, CereaBanca, Crédit Agricole, Credito Valtellinese, Mps, Unicredit).

However, this has turned out to be a dead end, given the manifest impossibility of covering the debts: less than one million is the sum available for repaying the more than eighty owed. And thus the doors of bankruptcy were opened.

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