Packaging, in 2023 in Italy 75% of the total will be recycled

Packaging, in 2023 in Italy 75% of the total will be recycled

«In 2023 we should reach 75% of recycled packaging», explains the president of Conai (National Packaging Consortium) Luca Ruini: «Even if much will depend on the quantities placed on the market, which are closely linked to the trend in the costs of raw materials and of energy". The estimate is anticipated by Conai on the occasion of the national recycling day on Saturday 18 March.

A growing share

The result would exceed by ten percentage points the 65% that the European Union requires of its member states by 2025. "Italy should close 2023 with a quantity of packaging placed on the market higher than that of pre-pandemic levels". Ruini continues: «We expect that the recovery in consumption, despite the change in the habits and lifestyle of Italians generated by the pandemic, will cause the market to exceed 14 and a half million tons of packaging. And our first projections, based on forecast data, allow us to estimate that we will recycle 75% of it». A growing percentage compared to previous years (in 2021 it was 73%).

In detail, the year that has just begun should see more than 77% of steel packaging, 67% of aluminum packaging, more than 85% of paper and cardboard packaging, approximately 63% of wood, almost 59% of plastic and bioplastic packaging, and about 80% of glass packaging. «Our country is already the leader in Europe in this sector, with a per capita recycling of packaging that sees us in first place. A primacy that must be defended and which must lead us to do more and more», reasons the president of Conai, Eurostat data in hand.

EU proposal for packaging regulation

Same theme, different front: the EU Council of Environment Ministers met in Brussels this week to also discuss the proposal to revise the European legislation on packaging and packaging waste presented by the Commission at the end of November 2022.

On the one hand Italy, the champion of recycling, on the other a proposal for an EU regulation which, among other things, emphasizes the practice of reusing containers also with the implementation of returnable systems. According to the most optimistic estimates, the end of the approval process is expected in the second half of 2024. For the moment, the Commission has launched a public consultation which ends in April, which will be followed by the presentation of the amendments by the MEPs. For the Swedish semester, expiring in June 2023, only the presentation of a progress report of the negotiations is foreseen. «Some Member States have so far expressed more profiled positions, favorable as for France and Germany, which see solutions that have been tried or would like to experiment reflected in the measure, and critical as for Italy, Finland and the Czech Republic, more attentive to the impacts of the measures. The rest of the countries maintained a scrutiny reservation. I have already interested all the Italian MEPs by signaling the negative impact of the provision and hoping, beyond political and partisan sensitivities, to form a common front in defense of the Italian specificities and economy", explained the Deputy Minister of the Environment and Energy security Vannia Gava.

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