Obtorto collo, Renzi and Calenda in informal truce in the Senate

Obtorto collo, Renzi and Calenda in informal truce in the Senate

Starting from the end, i.e. from the joint meeting in the Senate of the senators from Action and Italia Viva, the line seems to be not to break up the groups and go without too many shocks to tomorrow's meeting in the Chamber, where the difficulties are less, to present united ( even if, for falcons, obtorto collo) to the Roman event of Renew Europe of Wednesday 24 May with a draft for a common list of all reformists in 2024 (no one should go divided to the European elections, not to mention the groups in Parliament, is the concept). And it is clear from the lexicon that it is time for the forced suspension of hostilities, when, during the evening meeting in the Senate of the senators of Azione-Italia Viva, a note from Iv comes out inviting "the political forces to collaborate for the creation of a joint list for the European elections of 2024, extended to all the forces that recognize themselves in Renew Europe" and urges the "individual senators of the group to abide by the principles of loyalty and correctness as provided for by art. 14 of the Group Regulations". A little earlier, from Azione, the clarification that marked the Calendian border had arrived: "As declared by Calenda in Corriere della Sera on Sunday, Azione will talk to all the subjects belonging to Renew and will decide autonomously in the autumn how and with whom to go to the European on the basis of behaviors held by potential partners”. The fact is that the truce, albeit forced, materialized in the "hello" said in the Senate by Renzi to Calenda and from Calenda to Renzi, after days of direct aphasia and indirect hyper-loquacity.

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