Nvidia's super computer threatens OpenAI hegemony

Nvidia's super computer threatens OpenAI hegemony

On the day in which a group of researchers and experts signed an appeal to "mitigate the risk of extinction represented by artificial intelligences", Nvidia, the chip giant, exceeds a trillion dollars in market capitalization – and it does so by riding the wave of artificial intelligence, the development of which requires the components produced by the company, which seems to be focusing on the sector's boom with a "super computer" specifically designed to build AI models. Nvidia can enjoy the fruits of the new obsession of the technological world, triggered by the success of ChatGPT and other generative models, which have demonstrated the potential of these tools and have opened a frenetic race that some specialists view with great fear. However, this hype is perfect for the American company, which in the past had experienced moments of strong growth thanks to the gaming sector and - above all - the cryptocurrency sector. Now that the latter sector has cooled down and no longer needs the graphics cards produced by Nvidia, artificial intelligences fill the gap, and indeed make the company led by Jen-Hsun Huang the sixth in the world by market capitalization . The awakening of Nvidia risks being a problem also for OpenAI, today considered the most important reality in the AI ​​field, given that the new super computer is designed precisely to allow external realities to develop their own linguistic models. The whole AI sector seems to have long been based on the H100, a graphics processing unit used precisely in training these AIs, which is the company's trump card.

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