now we aim at the European

now we aim at the European

Of Emanuele Buzzi

The former M5S face: "De Luca met when he was mayor, we want to become a national force"

From pasionaria No Tav to spokesperson for South calls North, alternating years of struggle and government. Laura Castelli, former M5S historical face, is preparing for a new adventure. "I met Cateno De Luca when he was mayor, he knew how to administer a city like Messina without requiring extra resources from the state": says the former deputy minister to the Mef, thus explaining his transition to the political project South calls North, the movement promoted by the former mayor of Messina able to obtain over 500,000 votes in the island regional elections.

For Castelli the beginning of a new political life, the third, in ten years of politics. Fervent No Tav in the early days, at the forefront of the marches, the former deputy minister is part of the beating heart of the Five Stars - as an accountant for Davide Bono's regional staff - in the years of the exploit. Elected in Rome in 2013, in the early years she maintained the rebellious attitude that led her to visit the Chiomonte construction site and to be sanctioned with a five-day suspension for protesting on the roofs of Montecitorio against the constitutional reform. Then the turning point. From the processions to the enclave of the Movement. Between 2015 and 2016 she approaches the wing of the then leader in pectore Luigi Di Maio, becoming one of the cornerstones of her team with him. During the years of her government, she was permanently at the MEF, first as undersecretary and then as deputy minister. She, always her, protagonist in private meetings of the inner circle, one of the few to go through the last legislature unscathed, without repercussions despite three different governments. She also follows Di Maio with the split last June, but she has no regrets: “I am happy with everything. My path is what will allow me to do better tomorrow”.

And the tomorrow he talks about from a train headed to Treviso are the next Administrative. “Our goal is to become a national force and there is also a lot of interest in the North, where we will be presenting various lists for our project. The North is really responding”. The reference, not too veiled, to the dialogue with a view on the Europeans with Letizia Moratti. At the constituent assembly of South calls North in early March in Rome there was also Vittorio Sgarbi, who in the past used rather harsh terms against the Five Stars. Possible rusts, however, have no place in politics. “The collective project is not based on individuals”, Castelli dribbles the polemics. And he explains: "The feeling with De Luca was born because of the local authorities, which I will deal with and which I have dealt with at the ministry by reforming the issue of costs based on principles of territorial equity". Are you aiming for the Europeans? “The party yes, it will be our goal”. And she? “I also went back to my job: I do business consultancy in Rome”. Another life, the fourth,

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