now they cost from 49 euros upwards -

now they cost from 49 euros upwards -

The cold shower, but some are already ironically speaking of electroshock, arrived with an announcement by mail on the evening of Monday 13 March. The subscription rates for recharging Enel X Way electric cars increased and in some cases almost doubled. And in a few minutes, protests broke out on social networks with many customers announcing the termination of the contract. At a time of falling electricity rates we are suffering a drain, writes one customer.

The disputed tariffs are essentially two out of three: the City and the Travel which by March 27 will replace the Flat Small and Flat Large. The increases are substantial, because if until now with the City you paid 25 euros a month for a 70 kWh recharge (0.35 euros per kilowatt hour) with the new season tickets you will pay 49 euros for 80 Khw (0.61 per kilowatt hour ) even if until August there is a promotion of 39 euros per month. On the Travel fare you will pay 79 euros per month (69 until August) for 160 khw (0.49 per kilowatt hour).
On the other hand, the Travel Plus is more convenient, which requires a payment of 129 euros per month (99 until August) for 320 kWh (0.40 per kilowatt hour). A bloodletting? In reality, Enel X Way was the only one not to increase the price of subscriptions during the energy price hikes.

The company, controlled by Enel, makes it known that the revision of subscriptions was also essential due to the substantial investments made in charging stations. And it is emphasized that the subscription prices have been maintained blocked for over 3 yearseven during the wave of increases in energy tariffs at the end of 2022 and at the beginning of 2023, with the guarantee that the cost per kilometer of electric drivers would continue to remain advantageous even in comparison with petrol and diesel prices incentivized thanks to the excise tax exemption .

Lastly, Enel X Way underlines that the real novelty is Travel Plusthe rate that allows you to have a usable portfolio up to 320 kWh equivalent to about 1,600 kilometers per month and which costs 0.31 per kWh.

The main competitor of Enel X Way, Plenitude Be Chargedhas cheaper subscriptions especially in the basic rates: 20 euros per month for 50 kWh (0.40 per kilowatt hour), 38 euros per month for 100 kWh (0.38), 90 euros per month for 250 kWh (0.36) .

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