Nicolò Zaniolo new girlfriend in Turkey? The new flame would be an actress -

Nicolò Zaniolo new girlfriend in Turkey?  The new flame would be an actress -

According to local media, the Galatasaray star is allegedly flirting with 33-year-old Burcu Ozberk, who is a real celebrity in his country. The two follow each other on Instagram

it was enough for them to follow each other on Instagram to unleash the indiscretion, promptly picked up by the Turkish press: Nicol Zaniolo and Burcu Ozberk have a history. As weak as it may seem to start flirting, in reality the social clue has its value, especially as regards the 33-year-old actress who has a huge fan base (over 9.3 million followers), but follows just 748 people. And among these, coincidentally, there is the star of Galatasaray. Which, in turn, has nearly 2 million followers, yet she monitors just 314 profiles. Including that of the beautiful Burcu. Randomness or something more?

In Turkey everyone knows it

Very famous at home for having taken part in various TV series (Gnesin Kizlari, Afili Ask And Ask Mantik İntikam) and for the action film Direnis Karatay of 2018, as well as for the numerous roles in the theater, the actress is ten years older than Zaniolo and is currently single (His last known relationship was with fellow Turkish ex-model Alternate Duymaz). Whether virtual or real, the knowledge between Zaniolo (he scored in his league debut against Kasimpasa) and Ozberk, for now no confirmations have arrived from those directly involved, nor have they been denied, which only fuels the gossip in the local media .

March 15, 2023 (change March 15, 2023 | 18:56)

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