New Italian Super Cup, how the championship calendar is changing -

New Italian Super Cup, how the championship calendar is changing -

Of Monica Colombo

With the new format, Serie A 2023-24 will not have a Christmas break: they will also be on the pitch on 23 and 30 December. The new Final Four tournament will be in January

Christmas and New Year with the championship. And the days of the Epiphany with the Super Cup. Don't make commitments for the next winter holidays: the Serie A calendar - which in the 2023-2024 season will start on August 20 - has already set some firm points. The dates, apart from the start and end dates - i.e. 26 May - are not yet official but in fact the Council has already suggested some indications.

After the classic round of December 23, the councilors recently decided to set another championship day on the 30th. Then everyone is free? No because the new format of the Italian Super Cup which, on the Spanish model, will be a four-team tournament provides that the participating clubs will leave for Saudi Arabia between 31 and 1 January. The Lega assembly ratified the assignment to Arabia, with matches to be played between Riyadh and Jeddah, the rights for the Super Cup. At least four editions in the next six years, certainly the challenges of 2024 and 2025. The first semi-final scheduled for January 4, while the second the following day. The final scheduled for 8. Four teams will participate, namely the first two of the championship and the finalists of the Italian Cup.

In practice, those who participate will miss only one round of Serie A, that of 6-7 January. The agreement will yield 23 million to the League in the event of the final four (12 million in the event of a one-off and friendly match if the international calendar is overcrowded). At this point one wonders, but when will the championship stop for the winter? There won't be next year. Christmas rest is not mandatory. According to the collective agreement that was approved yesterday, article 18 provides that the player has the right to an annual rest period of four weeks, including public holidays and weekly rest. Again: The choice of the period of enjoyment of the annual rest is up to the company which decides in relation to the needs of the sporting activity. The annual rest is normally continuous. Moral, after having prepared the tree everyone to do the repetitions in the field.

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