Neet, 700,000 young people could find a place in museums, archaeological parks and UNESCO sites -

Neet, 700,000 young people could find a place in museums, archaeological parks and UNESCO sites -

There are about three million NEETs in Italy, young people between the ages of 15 and 34 who do not study and do not work. A number that could be reduced by at least 700,000 with an investment in training for the tourism and culture sectors. It is one of topics under discussion during «Italia è Cultura», an event which will be held in Palermo from 29 May to 4 June in Palermo under the patronage of the Sicily region.

The culture

According to Salvatore Messina, rector of the Jean Monnet University of European Studies in Gorazde and promoter of the initiative, Italy has the largest artistic and cultural heritage in the world: "There are 3,400 museums, 2,100 archaeological parks, 43 UNESCO sites - he argued —: it could lead to over 700,000 new jobs" and thus to the reduction of a third of the audience of Neet, which represents a sad record for our country in Europe. “Culture and tourism alone could be an effective economic boost capable of creating jobs – he added -. An opportunity to fight youth unemployment in the south, where one of the worst rates is recorded at an international level». The rector added that the creation of an international network between the protagonists of education, institutions and cultural sites is important "to profoundly renew the processes and mechanisms that regulate these areas, including public administration".

The tourism market

Data from the United Nations World Tourism Organization estimate that travelers aged between 15 and 29 already in 2015 accounted for 23% of the entire world tourist movement. "A market that in 2017 was capable of generating globally - Messina recalled - a turnover of over 250 billion euros (Wyse Travel Confederation, 2018)". A sector which, however, today seems to be struggling to attract young people, both through public policies and from private operators. At the Palermo event these issues will be addressed in the presence of 2,500 students and 130 speakers, including institutional and university delegations from various countries, such as Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kosovo, Greece, Albania, Spain, Ireland and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Furthermore, young artists will perform in music, singing, dance, theater and visual arts.

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