Nba, Ja Morant of the Grizzlies suspended for 8 games for his gangster videos on social media

Nba, Ja Morant of the Grizzlies suspended for 8 games for his gangster videos on social media

Of Valeria Rubino

He was seen live on his Instagram with a gun in hand, shirtless and obviously drunk at a Denver strip club. He now he goes to the psychologist

The NBA has announced that it has suspended Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant for eight games - without salary - for harmful conduct towards the League. After being seen by the world live on his Instagram with a gun in hand, shirtless and obviously drunk at a Denver, Colorado strip club, Morant had decided to undergo a series of intensive counseling sessions in Florida to manage his mental health and conduct, trying to get back on track. In addition to the live video, photos had emerged that showed him receiving a lap dance from a stripper, not the best for one of the new faces of the American basketball league. It is rumored that the tip was as high as $50,000 and that Morant had been spotted at the same establishment two days earlier.

A public apology is ready from the 23-year-old with a monstrous talent, who had declared that he wanted to take the time to receive "help and learn better methods of managing stress and my general well-being". In an interview with former basketball star Jalen Rose broadcast by ESPN on Wednesday evening, Morant confirmed that he did not own the weapon, but also admitted that he had made a big mistake and said he was ready to show everyone "who Ja really is and change the narrative". "I'm not like that, I don't condone violence and I took responsibility for my actions," he added. Finally realizing that he had set a more than wrong example to many young people and fans who see him as a model to follow, Morant promised to commit himself to improving in this field, "be more responsible, smarter and make better decisions" . Ja added that he feels good mentally. “I constantly talked to psychologists. I did Reiki treatments». The young point guard is also working on breathing to control anxiety and stress.

After admitting to visiting the same strip club in Colorado during his NBA career, Rose warned Morant that he is risking, in addition to his career, his own life by playing with firearms because one enters a vortex from which it is difficult to get out. "Ja has been irresponsible, reckless and potentially very dangerous," NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced Wednesday after a meeting with Morant. "Ja has expressed sincere repentance and remorse for his behavior," added the commissioner. The 8-game suspension means that Morant, who has already missed 6 games, will be able to return to the field from Monday: a less harsh punishment than expected, which demonstrates the fact that the American league wants to protect the career of the young ace of the basketball. Morant was at the center of investigations conducted by the NBA and the Denver police, who announced a few days ago that he would not file a criminal complaint. The CBA, an agreement between players and the league, provides for an automatic suspension of 50 games for anyone who carries a weapon in the locker rooms and buildings owned by the league and the teams. According to what emerged from the investigation, the gun was not Morant's and the player had not brought it with him and with the team on the road. Morant's immediate apology and decision to undergo the counseling program may have helped Morant obtain leniency. Teammates and the coach didn't hide their excitement in view of the return of their number one player just a few games from the playoffs. “It's outstanding. He was dominating the league and will continue to do so when he returns. I can't wait » Jaren Jackson Jr. told Corriere della Sera « he will help us win the championship. We need him», these are the words of Ziaire Williams, who added: «He is a fantastic person, a brother to me. I love it". “He is one of the least selfish people he knows. He always tries to make us give the best of us »this is instead the comment of the Grizzlies' Spaniard Santi Aldama. The coach is convinced that Ja will learn from this mistake and return to dominate the field. Stupid things that are sometimes done by young people. Nonsense you can't afford, though, when you're a celebrity and one of the NBA's top talents. When it seems that life has given you everything and you manage to turn it upside down with irresponsible behavior that risks jeopardizing your career. When you're the face of an NBA franchise and you decide to immortalize your gangster attitudes live on social media.

Why risk wasting your talent and jeopardizing your image, your sponsorship deals, your dreams and a lifestyle afforded to a select few? The answer must, perhaps, once again bring attention to the mental health of the boy, who has admitted that he needs help to manage anxiety and stress, and of many sportsmen like him. Morant he had previously been involved in a fight with a security guard and had been reported for punching a 17-year-old during a match on a pitch, despite claiming he was repeatedly offended and provoked. Dealing with your demons takes a lot of courage. All that remains is to hope that the 11 counseling sessions were enough to get him back on track. Managing fame, success, sudden cash and, mockingly, the crowning of childhood dreams can prove to be a more difficult task than any of us could think.

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