NBA, Boston cancels the second match point in Miami and goes to game-6 of the final at Est-

NBA, Boston cancels the second match point in Miami and goes to game-6 of the final at Est-

Of Flavio Vanetti

Celtics pushed by the owners in the Eastern Conference final, the impossible comeback is being played out at the Heat's home on Saturday: no one ever recovered from 0-3. Denver waits for the Ring

I'll give you the final. The historian Celtics Pride — the pride of the Celtics — goes on the field in the fifth game of the NBA East final and delivers a Boston a comfortable victory (110-97) over the Miami Heat. Even the second match ball of the Florida team, who arrived at the TD Garden with a 3-1 lead and with the idea of ​​closing the accounts, also considering the external successes in game 1 and in game 2, therefore nuanced

. The scenario has completely reopened and perhaps the green-and-whites have managed to reverse an inertia that seemed to be set in favor of Miami. The proof of the truth will be in the Italian night between Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May: for the sixth match the Heat are back on the field, who absolutely must not fail under penalty of the concrete risk of losing the super-playoff of game 7, again in Boston when in Italy it will be the night between Monday 29 and Tuesday 30. How much whether the threat of the Celtics is concrete, at this point, comes from the words of Jaylen Brown: They let us win two, they don't let us win the third.And anyway in this situation those who enjoy are the Denver Nuggets, already finalists and able to rest while waiting for the opponent to challenge them for the title.

At the TD Garden there was practically no match - the balance lasted seven minutes - because Boston quickly built up a large margin and he knew how to manage it by sending 4 players over 20 points:White (24), Smart (23), Tatum and the already mentioned Brown (21 each). Against the Heat, who paid off in attack the absence of Gabe Vincenthad a just normal turnover, tending to insufficient, of the pair of aces Butler-Adebayo (30 points in two): both were kept at rest by Erik Spoelstra in the last quarter when the match was now addressed.

On the Celtics front, propelled by a real festival of three-point baskets accomplished, there is only bad news: the injury to Malcom's right arm, still to be evaluated in the perspective of match 6 Brogdon. But the team, later having risked the coat for 4-0now in confidence and clearly aiming for a historic feat: in the best-of-7 playoff series, none ever recovered from 0-3. In fact, statistics say 0 out of 150. For the franchise which together with the Lakers holds the record for titles won (17) not only would there be the prospect of chasing the absolute record for victories, but also that of breaking down a statistical wall that here it has always resisted.

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