NBA basketball, Boston believes in an impossible comeback: it beats Miami and shortens 3.2 in the series

NBA basketball, Boston believes in an impossible comeback: it beats Miami and shortens 3.2 in the series


THE Boston Celtics they try to make history. After winning race-4 in Miami, they repeat themselves by taking advantage of the field factor and prevail 110-97 on the Heat. The Florida team is still ahead, but they went from 3-0 to 3-2 and in Boston they now believe in a feat that no one has ever achieved: turn everything around after losing the first 3 races of the series. In the 150 occasions in which one has won the first 3, this one has always taken the series. And only in three rounds the 3-0 down team was able to make it to game 7 before giving up: the New York Knicks in 1951 against the Rochester Royals, Denver against Utah in 1994 and finally Portland against Dallas in 2003. Meanwhile, Boston has already done something: it is in fact the twelfth team that after risking the coat manages to get to at least game 6.

Background in baseball and hockey

In any case, sufficient data to bring enthusiasm to coach Mazzulla and his players Also because if the overturning in basketball has never succeeded, the same does not apply to other reference American sports. In the baseball only one company in history: victims i New York Yankees, reassembled by the Boston Red Sox in 2004. Better take inspiration from ice hockey. where the team that lost the first 3 not only arrived 9 times in game 7, but in 4 circumstances managed to win: lthe first in 1942 (Toronto over Detroit), the last in 2014 (Los Angeles over San Jose).

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Miami will have the third match point at home, Denver waits

Statistics aside, the Celtics showed they believe in it by showing off a great performance at the TD Garden: 35-20 in the first set, then control without any particular problems. A team victory: in four of the five starters they go over 20 with Derrick White who scores 24 points, one more than Marcus Smart, while Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum each score 21, with the latter also on the scoresheet with 11 assists and 8 rebounds. Miami brings five in double figures: the most prolific is Robinson, who from the bench registers 18 points and 9 assists to his credit. He makes 16 Adebayo (8 rebounds), then 15 Highsmith, then 14 each Butler and Martin. The Heat have one match point left: they will play it in Miami. The finals are up for grabs, the Nuggets are waiting.


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