natural disasters are not covered –

natural disasters are not covered -


In addition to the damage caused by the flood in Emilia Romagna, now also the insult. Residents who have home insurance (not many, since in all of Italy only 5% of homes are insured) very likely that they will not receive any compensation, because the contracts stipulated do not guarantee coverage in cases of natural and environmental catastrophic events such as the one that occurred a few weeks ago. Many citizens of Cesena, Faenza and Forl find themselves in this situation.

The contracts do not cover damages

The cellars still flooded and invaded by mud, he says The Republic, there are still many. The streets are full of waste to be disposed of and, to all this, we add the health alert launched by the authorities who monitor the stagnant waters that could be contaminated by wastewater from sewage systems or by chemicals and agricultural or industrial waste. The risk of infections is high. We’re sorry, but your policy doesn’t cover events like thisthe answer that is given to the majority of people who are contacting their agencies, unions or associations of small property owners these days to deal with the many inconveniences, such as flooded cellars, water-damaged lifts, landings and rooms ladder covered in slime.

Few policies against disasters in Italy

bizarre, if you think that Italy is a country increasingly subject to extreme climatic events. According to ANIA statistics, dating back to March 31, 2022, the insured houses in the whole territory are only 5% for just under 1.4 million policies with the extension to natural catastrophes (there were 1.4 in 2021, 1.2 million in 2020, 826 thousand in 2019, but only 440 thousand in 2016). These include coverage for the solo earthquake risk (579 thousand), flood risk (275 thousand) and both the calamities (496 thousand). Analyzing the distribution on the territory, it can be seen that only in Trento, Florence, Siena, Mantua and Brescia do we reach 10% of insured houses. In Emilia-Romagna it is Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia that have the highest incidence (over 8%), while in Parma it is around 7%. In Milan it reaches 7.5%, in Rome 4% and in Naples 1.7%.

The appeal of the Anapa

From Allianz to Generali, many insurance companies have already activated extraordinary measures to support customers and agents in flooded areas. Anapa (National Association of Professional Insurance Agents), however, with a press release, asked them to also have advances on future compensation, even in cases where this is not provided for in the contracts. The union itself then undertakes to speed up as much as possible the appraisals and the procedure for the payment of claims. Not only the policies on buildings and buildings are interested in these covers – reads the note -. Even third party liability insurance adds the one relating to similar events as an accessory guaranteebut must be requested by the insured. Few do it and the result will be that many vehicles destroyed in recent days by floods or landslides will not be able to be compensated. Many other lines of insurance (agricultural, civil liability, etc.) may also include exclusions when the triggering cause of an accident is a natural catastrophe.


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