Naples saves Whirlpool | The paper

Naples saves Whirlpool |  The paper

The Scudetto has brought good luck to the city of Naples where the Whirlpool dispute, the household appliance factory located in the eastern area, is about to have an unexpected happy ending. Here there are now more expectations of revitalization and redevelopment than in Bagnoli, which is located to the west, but Whirlpool had been abandoned by the American parent company despite having the reputation of being a production center of excellence. And the way the whole story got complicated, including when in 2019 the then Minister of Economic Development, Luigi Di Maio, announced its rescue, only to be denied a moment later by the owners, the plant in via Argine had become a thorn in the side of governments and trade unions, as well as a nightmare for 350 employees who ended up on layoffs with no prospects after so many promises that fell on deaf ears.

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